Thursday, February 25


Use regular six-digit Bet Torah password; email Loen Amer if you need help.


Fun and celebrations for all ages!



⦾ 5:00 p.m. – The Levity Puppets Interactive Show
More puppet fun: print these finger puppets from our friends at PJ Library to act out the story as we read the Megillah!

⦾ Welcome Song by Bet Torah Senior Staff

⦾ 5:45 p.m. – Purim Shmooze and Hangout with Senior Staff

◀ – 5:45p.m. – Minyan on – ▶

⦿ 6:00 p.m. – Megillah Reading Begins – Chapter 1 (Link to text)
Read by Lauren Siegel, Paley Kirschner, Cantor Ezring, Jesse Raboy, Emily Hametz, Emily Adler, Sarina Metsch, Ryder Goodman, Rebecca Adler, Arielle Spinak, and Noah Sokol
⦾ Costume Parade MC’ed by Morah Mindy and Rabbi Brusso

⦾ 6:30 p.m. – Game with Gina

⦿ Megillah Reading – Chapter 2
Read by Corrie Jacobs, Cantor Ezring, Mike Rosenman, and Loen Amer

⦾ 7:00 p.m. – Staff Song

How to "Boo" Haman on Zoom

Wave something big and blue: pom-poms or tissue paper from Sisterhood Shalach Manot.

Print these signs: “boo” to hold up for Haman, and “yay” for Esther or Mordechai. You can even color them in!

Hint: print double-sided to save paper and the planet!

⦿ Megillah Reading – Chapter 3 
Read by Annie Segal, Cantor Ezring, Max Charney, Tyler Kravitz, Izzy Binger, Ike Simonds, and Stella Simonds

⦾ 7:30 – Teen Musical Performance: Chloe Kohl singing The Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody”

⦿ Megillah Reading – Chapter 4
Read by Cantor Ezring, Paul Rosenfeld, and Mike Gordon

⦾ 8:00 p.m. – Teens Steal the Megillah for USY’s Tzedakah Fund

⦿ Megillah Reading – Chapters 5 & 6
Read by Rena Hollister, Chloe Kohl, Sam Griff, Dahlia Segal, Harry Griff, Daniel Davis, Ilan Brusso, Jonathan Frantz, Shira Wenick, Zach Weitzen, Liam Watts, Annie Segal, Alex Watts, and Rena Hollister

⦾ 8:30 p.m. – Mike Rosenman’s Non-Group Therapy Musical Performance

⦿ Megillah Reading – Chapters 7-10
Read by David Krakow, Zoe Herman, Robyn Frank, Emma Hest, Mike Gordon, Abby Siegel, Joanna Segal, Mike Rosenman, Rabbi Sacks, Cantor Ezring, Gina Fass, Alex Sachare, and Rabbi Brusso

⦾ 9:00 p.m. – Adult After Party

Purim Feasting

It’s a mitzvah to eat a festive Purim meal. We’re sure everyone who ordered dinner from Chef René León  and treat boxes from Fiddleheads Cooking Studio will enjoy! (Orders were due earlier in the week.)

You may wish to consider donating a Purim Meal through the Shabbat Meal Program.


About The Levity Puppets

Len Levitt was a puppeteer in many films, including The MuppetsTeam America, Scary Movie 2, Men in Black, The Flintstones, Alien Resurrection, Muppet-vision 3-D, and Batman Returns. On TV, he performed in shows like Muppets TonightThe Puzzle PlaceCrayon Box, Z Nation, and many commercials. He also made costumes for the Star Trek TV shows and films, and puppets for a long list of productions. Len co-created/wrote/produced the award-winning puppet television series Bubbe’s Boarding House, and Alef…Bet…Blast-Off! on PBS, and also wrote for TV shows like Shalom Sesame, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, and Police Academy. He has an MFA in Puppetry from UCLA, and has performed across the United States and Israel with his puppet theater “The Levity Puppets” for over 40 years.