Latest updates as of December 22, 2021

Due to the increase in numbers of Covid cases we have put a temporary hold on serving food and eating in the building.

Sunday morning minyan and Wednesday evening minyan are now only on Zoom. We will re-evaluate the first week of January. Shabbat services and Tuesday morning minyan remain accessible in person and via Zoom. Learn more about our services

We have eliminated the requirement of sign-ups for general building entry (including services). Daily questionnaires are still required for Nursery School and Kulanu.

It is still the policy of the synagogue that anyone 12 and up is required to be fully vaccinated in order to enter the building.

Masking is still required for those ages 2 and up.

  • The leader of services may choose to be unmasked if comfortable.
  • Groups may meet outside without masking.
  • Unvaccinated individuals (those under 12) should be masked and socially distant.
  • Those who are more at risk, such as those on chemotherapy, immunosuppressive drugs, or with immunodeficiencies, or who would just feel more comfortable may also opt to distance themselves. Ushers will assist in this process.

For services:

  • Please ENTER and EXIT through the formal Sanctuary Entrance.  We are happy to make accommodations for those needing additional assistance.
  • Kippot, Tallit and Prayer Books:  You may bring your own Kippah, Tallis and prayer book if you wish. These items will still be provided by Bet Torah and will be available in a “clean area” (unused for greater than 24 hours) for use, and returned to an “unclean area” and remained unused for greater than 24 hours.
  • Handling of the Torah: We now know that surfaces are not the primary mode of transmission of Covid 19. Gabbais will be assigned as usual, but will maintain 6 feet distance, closer only when necessary for handling of the Torah, for short intervals.  It is suggested that readers of Aliyah and Torah use hand sanitizer before and after readings.  The Yad may be shared but readers should feel free to bring their own. Readers will be allowed to unmask if vaccinated, unvaccinated readers will maintain six feet distance from everyone.  

Health and Safety:  The following have been implemented as a minimum standard for the health of any individual who enters the building.  Touch-free hand sanitizers are available prior to entering the sanctuary. Automatic soap, water and paper towel dispensers have been installed.  The main sanctuary HVAC system has been enhanced with MERV-13 filters.  There are two commercial grade HEPA filters in the main sanctuary and social halls.

We will be constantly reassessing the guidelines, and we may need to become more restrictive, depending on the local rate of infection. We will utilize the guidance of Bet Torah’s Medical Advisory Group, the CDC, and New York State and Westchester County guidelines.

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