About our Minyan Service

Bet Torah’s commitment to prayer is best expressed by our daily minyan. Services are held a minimum of once a day. 
On Sunday, we have a morning service that begins at 9:00AM and usually ends at 9:45AM. 
On Monday through Thursday, we have a zecher l’mincha (a remembrance of the afternoon service) followed by a full evening service beginning at 7:30PM and ending around 7:45PM. 
On Friday and Saturday, our services follow our Shabbat schedule. 

Please note that we move our daily minyan to shivah homes in our area, as needed. Contact our office to find out if services are being held away from Bet Torah and, if so, how to get there. When a congregant is sitting shivah over a Sunday, services will also be held Sunday evening at 6:30PM

Attending minyan can be a meaningful experience.  Learn more about the purpose and benefits of our daily minyan program. 
Please help us make a Minyan when you can. Daily Minyan times at Bet Torah are as follows:

Sundays - 9:00am 
Tuesday Morning's - 7:15am
Monday-Thursdays Evening's - 7:30pm

Shabbat Services
Friday Kabbalat Shabbat- 6:30 PM
Saturday Morning Shabbat 9:30 AM

New Recordings to Practice With!

Listen to Cantor Randy chant parts of our services! Whether you're preparing for a B'nei Mitzvah, chanting Torah, or need a refresher on service prayers, listen here!