“It is not for you to complete the work, but neither are you free to abstain from it” —Rabbi Tarfon

“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody” —Lily Tomlin

You are needed!

Become part of something bigger, and put your beliefs into action. Discover the many ways there are to get involved — while meeting lots of kind people and building strong new relationships around shared interests. (Time commitments can be large or small!)

If you have any questions about volunteering at Bet Torah, please email Caroline Lisker.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

Updated 9/6/21

Bet Torah History Project | Board of Education | Communications | Community Security Service (CSS) | Event Fundraising (Gala 2022) | Israel Affairs | Membership | Men’s Club and Sisterhood | Nursery School | Ritual | Social Action Committees | Technology  

Board of Education Committees

— For Kulanu Parents Only!

Sign up | Learn more about Kulanu | Email Corrie Jacobs

1. Teacher Appreciation Committee

  • Shower our teachers with appreciation throughout the year. Help with planning and preparing alongside Committee Chair Dana Yahr.
  • No experience required.
  • 3-5 teacher appreciation gifts that are given to Kulanu teachers throughout the year.
  • In-person and/or zoom.

2. Social Committee

  • Mingle with other Kulanu parents. Help plan social events alongside Committee Chairs Natasha Hana and Shira Bush
  • No experience required
  • Time commitment – brainstorming and planning events
  • In-person and/or zoom

3. Social Action Committee

  • Engage our children in Tikkun Olam. Plan, organize, and participate in Social Action projects for our Kulanu students and families alongside Chair Anila Gordon
  • No experience required
  • Organizing and executing social action events as needed
  • In-person and/or zoom

Membership Committee

Email Caroline Lisker

Volunteer to help welcome new members

  • Deliver challahs to new members on Fridays, as needed
  • No experience is needed, but you must be a friendly person!
  • Limited time commitment
  • No meetings!

Social Action Committee

Learn more about Social Action | Email Jill Ratner

We are always looking for volunteers for individual projects. For questions, and to participate, please contact Jill Ratner.

We need leaders and participants in several areas:

Caring Committee

Email caring@bettorah.org

1. Shabbat Meals Program 

  • The Caring Committee has delivered Shabbat meals to congregants throughout the pandemic, and allowed volunteers and congregants who have benefited from these meals to connect on a one-to-one basis. Please consider volunteering for this program.
  • Time commitment: Pick up of meals on Friday and holidays between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm for delivery to congregants

2. The Caring Committee is also beginning a new outreach to families with new babies in our congregation.

  • Time commitment: As needed.

Community Service

Email communityservice@bettorah.org

1. Midnight Run

  • Each year, Community Service sponsors a Midnight Run when teens pack food and clothing and travel into NYC to deliver them to the homeless under the auspices of the Midnight Run Association, a partner of Bet Torah.
    • Volunteers are needed to help with food preparation, packing of clothes, and shoes, as chaperones for the run itself, and to assist the teens in clean up post-run.
    • There are enriching opportunities to discuss and explore the causes of homelessness in our country, and to see these less fortunate individuals as people and to hear their narratives.
  • We hope to have a run this year, and will at the very least continue to organize clothing and food drives for the organization. The run is currently scheduled for November 10th. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Michele Posner.

2. Emergency Shelter Partnership

  • We currently are a partner of the ESP that provides temporary housing and meals for homeless members of our community in the winter months. The project arranges for each house of worship to take one week and house 20-30 people overnight, give them a hot dinner and to-go bags with breakfast and lunch. We successfully ran this program even last year during the pandemic.
  • Michele Posner coordinates this program, using a team of volunteer families to cook the meals and provide necessary supplies.  Many volunteers are needed to make sure this runs smoothly. Typically one meal from each family brought to BT on one pre-arranged night.

3. Blood Drive

  • In the Spring we will be having a Blood Drive. Volunteers are always needed to help out on the morning of the event.
  • Contact Michele Posner

Interfaith Committee/Community Service

Email sandy.kellogg@gmail.com

  • Our Interfaith Group is looking forward to once again spending several hours the week before Thanksgiving helping to distribute food at the Interfaith Food Pantry. Two years ago we did this with parents and students working together.
  • Working side by side with families of different faiths brings us together on common ground, and it makes for a truly powerful experience.

Social Justice/Community Service

Email socialjustice@bettorah.org

1. Resettling Afghan Families in Westchester

  • We are embarking on a new initiative within immigration to respond to the situation in Afghanistan and possibly support work to resettle families in Westchester that have been forced to leave Afghanistan because they aided U.S. forces there. These are families that enter the US legally on a P2 Special Immigrant Visa.
  • We are exploring partnering with Hearts and Homes for Refugees, and/or HIAS. We would also like to reach out to Women for Afghan Women.
  • We need a leader for this initiative, to direct our involvement as a synagogue, and, ideally, to partner with mosques, churches, and other synagogues in our area that want to collaborate.
  • This is very much in the planning stage. Our thoughts are to start out by supporting ongoing work of these three organizations, learn what resettlement entails, and put together a team that could work on this project.

2. Haiti Earthquake Relief

  • An opportunity to collect donations to be shipped to Haiti for Earthquake victims. This initiative will occur in the month of September and will need donations and volunteers to help with the collection.

3. Packing for AFYA

  • Opportunity to pack for AFYA, a nonprofit in Westchester that ships medical supplies all over the world.
  • This could be a family project, Bnei Mitzvah project, or Teen Project.
  • We would love to have a leader for this program.
  • This organization is supported by UJA, and our teens have been involved with them before and have very meaningful experiences

Social Justice/Lifelong Learning

Email socialjustice@bettorah.org

Anti-Semitism Initiative

  • We have identified Anti-Semitism as an area of focus.  We would like to have a leader dedicated to this project.
  • The project will involve programming throughout all the arms of the synagogue — with a particular focus on adults, teens, and older Kulanu students.
  • Will include partnering with ADL and its Anti-Hate initiative and addressing Anti-Semitism on college campuses and in workplaces

Social Justice/Community Service

Email socialaction@bettorah.org

Volunteer to Coordinate Bet Torah’s Responses to Natural Disasters

  • Unfortunately, this happens more often than we would like, and seems to be getting worse.
  • This year, we responded to Covid emergencies by helping congregants get vaccines, to food insecurity by partnering with the Interfaith Food Pantry and Neighbors Link, and to the disaster in Texas that took out electricity and the floods that left people homeless, to name a few.
  • Having someone staying on top of events and thinking about what Bet Torah can do in these situations would be very helpful.
  • The volunteer would help the Social Action Chair plan meaningful appropriate responses, and also help to get the word out to the community.
  • Requirements: Serious concern about current events, strong communication skills.

Men’s Club and Sisterhood

Men’s Club

Learn more about Men’s Club | Email Josh Winograd or Scott Hirshson

  • High Holidays Ushering – Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur. Serve as an Usher or Greeter for the High Holidays.  Ask a friend to join you!
  • Sukkot – Enjoy a cup of coffee and get some exercise as we put up the sukkah for all to enjoy.
  • Passover – Wine Sale
  • Limited time requirement
  • Members welcome to participate via Zoom and in-person as applicable


Learn more about Sisterhood

1. Sisterhood Shabbat

  • Assist Joanna Segal in planning Sisterhood Shabbat on May 14, 2022.
  • Recruit and engage Sisterhood Members to participate in the service and help plan Kiddush following services (hopefully in-person!)
  • 2-3 hours per week starting in January
  • Planning is done over the phone and via email
  • Email Joanna Segal

2. Shalach Manot

  • Assist with packing Shalach Manot bags for distribution at Purim
  • 2-3 hours for a couple of days in late February or early March at Bet Torah
  • Email Johanna Shapiro or Shirley Goldman

3. Sisterhood Judaica Shop

4. Lag B’Omer Event

  • Help plan and execute a synagogue-wide Lag B’Omer picnic on Sunday, May 15.
  • No experience necessary, just bring your great ideas and enthusiasm!
  • Email Carol Haber-Cohen

Israel Affairs

Email IsraelAffairs@BetTorah.org

  • Do you have a passion for all things Israel? Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that does not require a weekly commitment? Then Bet Torah’s Israel Affairs committee might be just the right fit for you!
  • We are looking for volunteers who are willing to help brainstorm ways to bring Israel into our lives, help organize and run events, and help us get the word out about upcoming events.
  • No prior experience necessary!

Communications Committee

Email David Kellogg 

  • Calling all editors, publicists, writers, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers!
  • Help prepare membership and external communications
  • Help develop and execute a communications strategy that will inform — and engage — all members
  • Support individual Bet Torah committees and programs in achieving their communication goals
  • Relevant skills are required
  • 3-4 hours a week
  • Via email, Zoom, in person


Contact Natasha Hanan or David Kellogg

Ad-hoc Graphic Design Help

  • A goal of Bet Torah marketing is to create a more cohesive look across all communications, and also make them easier for members to read and digest.
  • We welcome help in creating templates, sourcing images and logos, and bringing the warmth of the Bet Torah community to life through its marketing materials.
  • Experience: graphic design know-how
  • Time commitment: based on availability
  • In-person or Zoom or email, whatever works best

Community Security Service (CSS) Team

Email Sam Hest or Nirit Rosenblum

  • Our security volunteers are the “eyes and ears” of Bet Torah and are trained by the non-profit Community Security Service.
  • Volunteers provide an important layer of security for our congregation during Shabbat, Sunday Kulanu, and holidays.
  • All volunteers must attend 6 hours of training that covers situational awareness and some basic security concepts.  Volunteers may elect to take additional training courses and become team leaders.
  • Each volunteer may sign up for shifts when desired.

Event Fundraising Committee (Gala 2022)

Email Tara Bernzweig or Jody Klayman

  • There are many ways you can help in planning Bet Torah’s Biggest Night. Committees include:
    • Decor
    • Food
    • Journal
    • Marketing
    • Silent Auction / Raffle
    • General
  • No experience required. Just a desire to be a part of Bet Torah’s Biggest Night!
  • Time commitment depends on your availability
  • Via email, zoom, in-person (all options available)

Nursery School Committee

— For Nursery School parents only!

Email Shirley Goldman

Join the Bet Torah Nursery School Board. Choose from a variety of specific opportunities or join the board as a “member at large.” Have your voice be heard and help plan activities and programs for nursery school parents and families! Board meetings are held once a month.

  • Social Events – Help plan and execute social events for parents throughout the year. Events include the fall and spring cocktail parties, back-to-school parent’s night out, and many other opportunities for parent get-togethers. Work alongside committee chairs Erin Schechter and Stefani Rosenberg
  • Challah Delivery – Help manage challah orders and delivery for nursery school families. All proceeds from the nursery school challah delivery program support the Nursery School Parents Association. Work alongside committee chair Shirley Goldman.
  • Clergy Liaison – Help plan meaningful opportunities for parents to connect with Bet Torah’s clergy. Work closely with Rabbi Brusso and Rabbi Sacks to create coffee opportunities, meetings, and group discussions on topics that are of interest to nursery school parents. Work alongside committee chair Robyn Frank.
  • Community Outreach – Help connect the nursery school with local organizations that support community members in need. The nursery school typically works on 3 to 4 major drives during the year. Past drives have partnered with the Emergency Shelter Partnership, Mt. Kisco Food Pantry, and toy/baby supply drives. Work alongside committee chair Emily Mudge.

Technology Committee

Email Scott Binger

  • Networking Specialist
    • Actively assist BT’s IT provider in managing the building’s network infrastructure.
    • Experience setting up and managing networks a plus, but not essential
    • 1-5 hours/wk
    • Via email, Zoom, in person
  • Project Manager
    • Oversee work performed by BT’s IT provider on select projects
    • Project management experience and general IT knowledge a plus, but not essential
    • 1-5 hours/wk
    • Via email, Zoom, in person
  • Webmaster
    • Oversee administration of the synagogue’s website
    • Experience as a webmaster and knowledge of WordPress, WP Engine, PHP strongly preferred.
    • 1-5 hours/wk
    • Via email, Zoom, in person
  • Data Analytics Specialist
    • Spearhead a range of data analytics and reporting projects
    • Experience with Excel, SSRS or third-party reporting platforms strongly preferred.
    • 1-5 hours/wk
    • Via email, Zoom, in person

Bet Torah History Project, Part 1

Email Carol Siege

  • Help us create a vibrant, accurate, and sustainable history of our synagogue, beginning with the women of Bet Torah. Opportunities include:
    • One-on-one interviewing of long-time women members
    • Organizing small-group discussion sessions
    • Working on written or video presentations
    • Researching
    • Editing text or video
  • One-year commitment, beginning Fall 2021
  • Hourly commitment based on personal availability
  • Zoom or in-person meetings, as necessary.

Ritual Committee

1. Shabbat Morning Usher

  • Ushers help ensure that services run smoothly. They designate congregants for aliyot and other honors during Shabbat morning services.  Ushers need not serve on the ritual committee.
  • Knowledge of the service is beneficial for this role.
  • Time commitment is a Shabbat morning service once every couple of months (or more, if you prefer).
  • Email Mitch Portnoy

2. Minyan Captain

  • In addition to participating in Ritual Committee meetings, Minyan Captains reach out (via email) to encourage their minyan group to attend minyan on the designated days.
  • Send emails and attend minyan twice a month.  Participate in Ritual Committee meetings on the third Tuesday of the month.
  • Email Diana Binger