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Provided below are the BT Virtual Minyan Zoom Links. These links are password protected. If you need help gaining access, please email Peter Linden.

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Please note: All Zoom chat logs are recorded and can be accessed by the host afterward, including private messages.


LinkMeeting IDPDF Text 
Sunday Morning 9:00 am911-718-578Morning Service Part 1  |  Morning Service Part 2
Monday Morning 8:00 am533-446-224Morning Service Part 1   |  Morning Service Part 2
Monday Evening 7:30 pm 252-144-267Evening Service
Tuesday Morning 8:00 am139-046-682Morning Service Part 1   |  Morning Service Part 2
Tuesday Evening 7:30 pm650-716-669Evening Service
Wednesday Morning 8:00 am545-679-636 Morning Service Part 1   |  Morning Service Part 2
Wednesday Evening 7:30 pm 898-250-695Evening Service
Thursday Morning 8:00 am215-514-910 Morning Service Part 1   |  Morning Service Part 2
Thursday Evening 7:30 pm458-531-539Evening Service
Friday Morning 8:00 am836-245-073 Morning Service Part 1   |  Morning Service Part 2
Friday Evening – Shabbat 6:15 pm889-983-711Shabbat – Friday Evening
Saturday Morning – Shabbat 9:30 am821-867-913Shabbat – Saturday Morning

Bourne/Fishkind Booklet – 4/10/2021

Saturday Virtual Shabbat Kiddush Table – Noon919-9921-2849
Saturday Mincha/Havdalah B’nai Mitzvah918 8559 7802Mincha

Ma’ariv Havdalah

Saturday Contemplative Afternoon Service 4:00 pm 696-072-763Mincha Chants sheet
Saturday Evening – Havdalah 8:12 pm449-953-182Havdalah Text (Hebrew, only)In Lev Shalem, page 283 

Bet Torah’s Mi Shebeirach List

Is there a person in your life who needs communal prayers for healing? If you would like to add someone to our Shabbat morning prayer for healing, please click below by noon on Friday.

Click here to add a name to the Mi Shebeirach list.