Eight Ways to Engage in Social Connection and Social Action

1.   Make a Hanukkah card to show others in the Bet Torah community that you care about them.   Volunteer to create and send a personal card to a person or family that could use some extra cheer. (Sign up is closed – thanks everyone who participated!)  Share your Menorah with the Bet Torah community.  Do you have a special menorah/Hanukkiah? Take a picture of your menorah and share with the community on this kudoboard.  Check in to see what others have shared.                      

2.  Learn how we support the homeless population in our area through the Emergency Shelter Program (ESP).    Read about ESP, one of Bet Torah’s partner organizations.  Sign up to help with ESP meal hosting at Bet Torah December 21- January 2nd. Cook a dinner or purchase a meal with your family or several other families.  For more information about providing dinners or breakfast/lunch bags and to sign up here. Our children and teens can help with the ESP too; information sent out to Nursery School, Kulanu, Club 45, and TLC separately.

3.  Educate about Racial Justice.  Learn about Bet Torah’s Racial Justice Committee and watch this fun and informative video with your children.

4.  Help meet the challenge of local food hunger.  The number of clients at the Mount Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry is increasing and the cost of food is rising.  Read about the current need and donate.

5.  Connect with Israel. Watch recordings from our Israel Speaker Series that took place during Elul. Tzahal Shalom reservists, entrepreneur and activist Amir Konigsberg and Justin Korda from the Schusterman Foundation talk about important topics in Israel today of interest for all Jews.

6.  Support the Shabbat Meal Program.  Enhance the community connection to isolated congregants by donating to the Shabbat Meal Program.

7.  Talk about Immigration.  Where did your family come from?  Are we all Immigrants?  Read about the history of HIAS. Learn about and support our community partner organization, Neighbor’s Link.

8.  Engage in conversation with friends and family about Hanukkah and giving.  Talk to your friends or family members with these conversation starters for Hanukkah.

How did you engage with these activities? Or did you find one particular activity meaningful?