Starting in December our Bet Torah Social Justice Committee is launching a new program called JUSTICE FOR ALL. This initiative will begin with focuses on issues in three areas: Racism, Immigration and Refugee Injustices, and Anti-Semitism.

The second Tuesday of each month will offer programming focusing on one of these areas.

We do not have to agree with every action, we do not have to do everything, but we do need to show our best sides…to be able to listen and to treat others with not just tolerance, but with respect.

Our series will be kicked off by our own Rabbi Brusso who will frame the series:

Our Stories and Their Stories: What Motivates us Personally to Seek Justice?

Before we engage in the learning and the work we have to first ask ourselves, what motivates us to do the work? What are the stories of our people and what are the personal stories that compel us to do this work? We will study master narratives of the Jewish people and have a chance to share in small groups our own personal experiences that created stories that inspire us to seek justice. This series will continue monthly on Tuesday evenings. Please join when you can.

FORCED TO FLEE: Then and Now.  June 8th 8:00 PM 

Please join us on June 8 at 8 pm via Zoom as we listen to the stories of HHREC (Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center) members whose parents or other family members escaped the Nazis during the Second World War. Listen as they share with us personal detailed accounts of their families’ escapes and their thoughts on the parallels to the current crisis at the border



All My Sisters and Brothers: Racial and Cultural Diversity of Jews

April 13 at 8:00

Join us for a conversation between Lindsey Newman, Director of Community Engagement for Be’chol Lashon and Hannah Sachs, Community Manager for Humanity in Action.

Jews are a multicultural people who have lived around the world. Race and ethnicity are important elements in shaping Jewish identity and expression in the 21st century. We cannot be truly effective in impacting social and racial justice until we address race inside the Jewish Community.

Register in advance for this meeting:

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United Against Racism: Pursuing Justice as a Multiracial Jewish Community with Amy Feinman- The Northeast Civil Rights Counsel for The Anti-Defamation League

Tuesday, January 12, 8:00 p.m. 

The Racial Justice portfolio of the Bet Torah’s Social Justice Committee was formed to increase our understanding and acknowledgment of racial injustices that have been present for many years.  We are working to guide the community in finding ways to engage in anti-racist activities to combat these injustices.  This program addresses the intersection of the issues of racism and Judaism.

Antisemitism – Discussion and Sharing of  The American Jewish Congress’s recent Survey of Anti-Semitism.

Tuesday, February 9, 8:00 p.m.

Issues of Immigration: The Hows and Whys of Helping

Tuesday, March 9, 8:00 p.m.

This third segment of the JUSTICE FOR ALL series will include, a zoom discussion of immigration issues facing our community as well as the nation at large.  This program immediately follows HIAS’ Refugee Shabbat (March 5,6). We will explore the complex and changing landscape of Immigration reform and procedure, with the hopes of including a portion of the discussion of  reunification of families and how we can help.   

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