The mission of social justice is to mobilize our community, using Jewish principles of moral righteousness. We operate with respect for the diversity of opinions among our members, as well as respect for the inherent human dignity and worth of every human being.

Our Social Justice Committee originated  through our first-hand experience of the immigrant in our midst, with  our friend and employee at Bet Torah,  Armando Rojas. For many, it was an eye opening experience of what immigrants face in our own community. Since then we have partnered with HIAS to explore Jewish initiatives around immigration and refugees. Within our community we support the work of Neighbor’s Link whose mission is to support and integrate immigrants into our community. We plan to continue to partner with UJA and Refugee Shabbat March 5th and 6th 2021.  We highlight the events and work of the AJC around this issue.

Under the leadership of Elaine Goth-Merker, Social Justice has expanded its role to highlight and shine a light on three  issues. Immigration Concerns,  Racial Justice and Antisemitism are recognized as being forefront for the committee and our community this year.

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