The Caring Committee is co-chaired by Nancy Fried-Tanzer and Paul Rosenfeld. The Committee works in partnership with our clergy to support our congregation in times of need. Our volunteers perform deeds of loving kindness and offer meaningful outreach to guide our community in living a life of spiritual and physical well-being.

Comforting Those Who Are Bereaved (Nechama)

Volunteers reach out to congregants who have lost a family member and offer a variety of support services following shiva and throughout the year

Caring Connections (Lev Echad)

Volunteers visit with congregants who cannot readily come into the synagogue, perhaps limited by age, disability, or other life circumstances.  Lev Echad tries to ensure that no congregant feels forgotten or isolated.

Comforting the Sick (Bikur Cholim)

Volunteers contact congregants dealing with serious illness, recovering from injury or surgery, and evaluating if any further support is needed.

The Caring Committee is planning to provide training sessions to give volunteers the tools needed to make a meaningful visit. Every effort is taken to respect congregants’ privacy and confidentiality.

The Caring Committee invites congregants to join our committee and to help in planning and participating in our programs.

New ideas are always welcome!

Contact or Nancy Fried-Tanzer or Paul Rosenfeld.

Ongoing Initiatives

We hope our efforts to stay connected offer solace and support. Here are some of our

The Shabbat Meal Program

Bet Torah, through donations, has hired Chef Rene Leon to cook Shabbat Meals for congregants who are isolated, especially vulnerable to COVID 19 and physician families who are giving so much during the pandemic.

We continue to recruit sponsors and volunteers to make deliveries and financially support this project. True friendships and links have been established among individuals who might never have known each other.

We Care Soup

The Caring Committee has worked together in the Bet Torah kitchen to make homemade to distribute to those who are recovering from illness or a difficult time.

High Holiday Packages for Those in Mourning

Starting a new initiative in 2019, the Caring Committee distributes Yarzheit candles and honey at the High Holiday Season with wishes for added sweetness in the New Year.