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Current Initiatives

We Care Soup

Thank you to the wonderful team that came together at cooked and froze both vegetarian and chicken soup. We Care soup will be delivered to anyone who is ill or in need of TLC Please to let us know if you no someone who would benefit.

Welcome Baby Bag

The caring committee has put together a welcoming bag for any family in our congregation or nursery school who has just brought home a new baby Please contact us at if you or a friend would like this wonderful gift.

“Refua Sh’lema” Postcards

These beautiful cards are available at the Bet Torah office and outside the sanctuary. After saying the Mi Shaberach (prayer for healing), take a postcard home and mail it to your loved one to let  them know that their name was included when our temple community prayed for healing.

Ongoing Initiatives

The Shabbat Meal Program

Bet Torah, through donations, has hired Chef Rene Leon to cook Shabbat Meals for congregants who are isolated, especially vulnerable to COVID 19 and physician families who are giving so much during the pandemic.

We continue to recruit sponsors and volunteers to make deliveries and financially support this project. True friendships and links have been established among individuals who might never have known each other.

Many of our consistent volunteers take deserved time away, and we are always in need of substitute drivers. Please email Nancy Fried Tanzer or Erin Davis Kuflik if you are home on a Friday and can be a substitute deliverer.

Need for Funds is Ongoing

The Caring Committee continues to provide Shabbat Meals to those in our Bet Torah Community who are isolated in their homes, in need of an act of kindness.

Staying Connected to Armando

In addition, we stay connected and supportive of Armando Rojas and his family by delivering Shabbat meals to his family in White Plains. Many people in the Bet Torah community have stepped up to deliver on a Friday. This has greatly relieved the work of a few. Please consider taking a turn to do a Friday mitzvah.

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High Holiday Packages for Those in Mourning

Starting a new initiative in 2019, the Caring Committee distributes Yarzheit candles and honey at the High Holiday Season with wishes for added sweetness in the New Year.

About the Caring Commitee

The Caring Committee is co-chaired by Nancy Fried-Tanzer and Paul Rosenfeld. The Committee works in partnership with our clergy to support our congregation in times of need. Our volunteers perform deeds of loving kindness and offer meaningful outreach to guide our community in living a life of spiritual and physical well-being.

Comforting Those Who Are Bereaved (Nechama)

Volunteers reach out to congregants who have lost a family member and offer a variety of support services following shiva and throughout the year

Caring Connections (Lev Echad)

Lev Echad tries to ensure that no congregant feels forgotten or isolated.

Comforting the Sick (Bikur Cholim)

Volunteers contact congregants dealing with serious illness, recovering from injury or surgery, and evaluating if any further support is needed.