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 Please participate in this initiative to support the Summer Links program at Neighbors Link. Click on the link for further information about what you can do to enrich a child’s summer learning:Summer Links Flyer (1)This initiative is active from June 1-June 24th 2021. 


The Anniversary of the Death of George Floyd- March 25th 2021

This week marks the anniversary of the tragedy of George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on this tragedy and recap how we have responded at Bet Torah this past year to understand and acknowledge the racial injustice that has been going on for many years.

James Baldwin wrote in the 1960’s: “It isn’t a racial problem. It is a problem of whether or not you are willing to look at your life and be responsible for it and then begin to change it.” As Jews, we understand all too well what happens when people are silent so now is the time to stand up and make our voices heard.

Please visit the Racial Justice Initiative Page for the complete list of how Bet Torah has engaged in Racial Justice this year.

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Join Us! June 8th 

FORCED TO FLEE: Then and Now

Please join us on June 8 at 8 pm via Zoom as we listen to the stories of HHREC (Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center) members whose parents or other family members escaped the Nazis during the Second World War. Listen as they share with us personal detailed accounts of their families’ escapes and their thoughts on the parallels to the current crisis at the border.




April 13, 8:0PM


Personal Stories of Racial and Cultural Diversity of Jews

At our kickoff event, Bet Torah congregants shared some of our personal stories. Here is the opportunity to listen to more personal stories from two members of our wider Jewish community

Lindsay Newman                                                                                   Hannah Sachs

Both Lindsey and Hannah, both from New York, were raised in Jewish families, although both come from ethnically different backgrounds.

Each has a meaningful, educational and timely journey to share with us about their experiences and our Jewish multiracial communities.

Lindsey Newman, Director of Community Engagement for Be’chol Lashon; Hannah Sachs, Community Manager for Humanity in Action



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Each Friday

Drivers and donations of funds welcomed. Meals prepared by Chef Rene Leon.


About Social Action

Bet Torah has a robust Social Action Program, which includes our Caring Committe for our own congregants, our Community Service Committee efforts for our neighbors in need, our Interfaith Committee which seeks to build relationships and understanding across faith based groups, and our Social Justice Committee which seeks to promote the rights of all people.