Sisterhood "A to Z" Board List 2017-18


Adult Education     

Abby Reuben & Cassandra Greenberg


Nancy Fried-Tanzer

College Liaison

Joanne Kushner & Lydia Altman

Community Service/Social Action

Hana Gruenberg

Food Pantry  

Roberta Horowitz


Cynthia Strauss

Israeli Affairs   

Patty Belkin

Judaica Shop   

Robyn Malter


Jen Saine Griff


Harriet Blumencranz


Bebe Isaacs

Ritual Liaison

Laura Sweig

Rummage Sale 

Harriet Blumencranz & Lauren Budow

School Board Liaison

Caroline Lisker

Shalach Manot

Terri M. Stern & Maxine Benjamin

Shiva Liaison 

Lisa Matsil   

Sisterhood Shabbat

Susan Cohen Silberman & Leah Merker & Judith Frantz & Rose Herschman

Torah Fund

Stacey Follman


Tanya Charney  

Womens' League Liaison

Gaye Altman

Youth Liaison   

Phyllis Stone

Socia Media

Sabrina Applebaum




































Adult Education
Sisterhood, in line with the mission of its umbrella organization, the Women's League for Conservative Judaism, has a strong commitment to education.  To this end, we sponsor a Women's Torah Study Group that has been meeting Friday mornings from 10AM-noon for almost 15 years.  The group always welcomes new members of any level.  If you've never read Genesis and can't read a word or Hebrew or are totally learned when it comes to Torah, that's irrelevant.  All that is required is a thirst for knowledge, discussion, good debate and love of Torah.  And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention there's breakfast, too!  Click here for more information. 

College Liaison
Did you know that if you send in your child's school address, they can receive holiday packages from Bet Torah Sisterhood? On Rosh Hashanah, Purim and Passover, college kids are thrilled to receive food and other seasonal treats and still be connected to their home congregation.

Community Service
Sisterhood participates in many Social Action initiatives.  We financially support local and Israeli organizations in the spirit of Tikkun Olam (our obligation to "repair the world").   We have been large supporters of the Interfaith Food Pantry and have also recognized the Katonah Community Center and Northern Westchester Shelter.  Internally, we support the annual Salute to Israel parade in NYC, sponsoring Bet Torah members' involvement, we cover the cost of Purimspiel costumes, sponsor USY and their Kinnus as well as a yearly donation to the HebrewSchool. 

We also contribute to synagogue-wide events.  Most recently Sisterhood members have participated in the Emergency Shelter program to house and feed homeless members of the Mount Kisco community in the winter weather.  

Food Pantry
Bet Torah Sisterhood is part of the Interfaith Food Pantry operated out of the Boys and Girls Club in Mount Kisco. We hold a food drive before the winter holidays to ensure that local families will have plenty to eat. We also have a regular schedule when we are responsible for shopping for food and going to the Food Pantry to help out. Older kids and teenagers are welcome to help out with their parents. This is truly an act of tzedakah and we are proud to be a part of this. 

Judaica Shop
Our Gift Shop, located in the corridor outside the main office, contains ritual items (Shabbat candlesticks, seder plates, mezuzot, challah boards and more), kippot, tallitot and tefillin (you can special order for your simcha!), Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts and seasonal holiday items. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean we can't get it! Support Sisterhood and satisfy your Judaica needs at the same time.

Rummage Sale
The Rummage Sale is held in November and May giving synagogue members an opportunity to donate a vast variety of items from clothing to books to housewares. The community anxiously awaits these sales and line up at the door to shop. 

Rummage is for everyone! Donate, shop or help out. Without enthusiastic volunteers, this major event can't happen. If you can give even an hour of your time, we are thankful to have you. This year, the Rummage Sale drop-off will be from 9 - 11:30AM on May 8. The sale will be held from 12:30 - 4:30PM on Sunday, May 15 and from 10AM - 6:00PM on Monday, May 16. 

Sisterhood, under the umbrella of the Women's League for Conservative Judaism, provides Leagrams. What are they, you ask? They are a way to support Sisterhood while sending a birthday or anniversary greeting to friends in the congregation. For just $1 a name you can participate, but Sisterhood also offers a "Pay One Price" option at the beginning of each Jewish year so you can send to as many people as you want, all year round! Look for quarterly mailings with synagogue members' birthdays and anniversaries!

Bet Torah has an award- winning library with books ranging from Torah commentary to children's and young adult to biography and beyond. Having recently been relocated, we are forming a committee to reorganize and hopefully add new books to our collection. If you are a bibliophile and Judaica is a love of yours, this is the place for you! Stop in the library and see for yourself. Find out what the committee is up to and get involved.

Shalach Manot
There are three Mitzvot we are required to fulfill during Purim. Hear the Megillah being read. Give alms to the poor. Give shalach manot, gifts of food to friends and family. Well, Sisterhood can't go to the reading of Megillah Esther for you, but we've got the other two covered!

Every year, the congregation is given the opportunity to send gift boxes of Purim sweets to friends both inside and outside Bet Torah. Keep your eyes open for when and how to participate. At the same time, you are given an opportunity to support charities which Sisterhood supports throughout the year. In the past these have included the Katonah Community Center, The Northern Westchester Shelter and the Interfaith Food Pantry.  One of the most fun and social activities in our holiday cycle is packing the Shalach Manot boxes. Even your teenagers and kids can help, and sometimes sneak a hamantashen!

Sisterhood realizes that being part of a Jewish community means supporting our Bet Torah family members when they experience a loss in their own family.  A committee is in place to help families who request this service to ready their home for shiva.  We also provide a shiva meal.  After all, many of us are Jewish mothers and want to make sure you take care of yourselves.

Sisterhood Shabbat
This is one of the most popular Sisterhood events every year with close to 100 women involved.  The entire Shabbat morning service is led by Sisterhood members.  Some have never been part of a service or stood on the bimah before.  Others are well-read in Torah and act as Gabbai.  If you want to be involved, there is a place for you.  Women are asked in October to fill out a form with a request for the type of participation you want.  It could be an aliyah, a Torah or Haftorah reading, an English reading, a non-speaking honor such as opening the Ark, you can write an original piece, study with the Women's Torah Study Group and write a d'var, you can sing with the Multigenerational choir and much more. 

It's not difficult to see why this is, for some, the most anticipated Sisterhood event of the year.  Not only do we come together to worship as a community of women, something unheard of in the past, but we support each other to try new things and push our boundaries.  We show that the Jewish women in the community are a spiritual, creative and vibrant group.  We show our daughters and our sons that Jewish life is of central importance to their mothers.  And we show our congregation that we love Judaism, our traditions and being proficient in them.  For learning is an ongoing process and Sisterhood supports it all.

Torah Fund 
Sisterhood, as part of the Women's League for Conservative Judaism is an active supporter of the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) in NYC. We realize that without this institution and the fabulous education it provides, we would not have the gift of our clergy and an educated lay-leadership. Each year we raise funds for and hold events that publicize the work that Torah Fund and JTS do. 

This year, we held our first ever Tu B'Shevat seder attended by more than 50 Sisterhood members. There was food, wine, song and dance. We experienced a beautiful, but lesser-known Jewish ritual with friends and highlighted the need for Torah Fund. Led by Susan Mitrani-Knapp, a current JTS Rabbinical student and Bet Torah member, there was something for everyone and much energy generated to do another wonderful Torah Fund event next year. Thank you to Mara Baror and her committee for all their work on this event!

New Recordings to Practice With!

Listen to Cantor Randy chant parts of our services! Whether you're preparing for a B'nei Mitzvah, chanting Torah, or need a refresher on service prayers, listen here!