Upcoming Sisterhood Events 2018-2019

Save the date for our upcoming Sisterhood Events!

March 2019:

         Tues, 5:  Board Meeting – 8pm

         Fri, 8 & Sat, 9: SISTERHOOD SHABBAT

April 2019

          Wed, 3:  Board Meeting – 8 pm  

          Sun, 7 & Mon, 8:  EARLY BIRD SPRING RUMMAGE SALE 

          Wed, 10:  Too Good to Pass-over Program – 7:45pm

Please join author Jennifer Abadi, as she presents her unique cookbook to the ladies of Sisterhood, just in time for Passover! Too Good to Passover is a compilation of more than 200 Passover recipes from 23 Jewish communities, this cookbook-memoir provides an anthropological as well as historical context to the ways in which the Jewish communities of North Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean, and Middle East observe and enjoy this beloved ancient festival. Please RSVP by March 27th to: btsisterhoodprogramming@gmail.com


May 2019:

         Thurs, 9:  Open Board Meeting and Sisterhood Program Piano Bar Night

May 9, 2019
Sisterhood Presents: Piano Bar Night: A Grand Celebration
Sisterhood is closing out the year with a bang! Lets sing, (and maybe even dance)!  Please join us for an overwhelmingly fun evening singing to songs "we love" by the piano.  Enjoy some wine, some snacks and have an overall “grand” time.  Please RSVP by April 30th to: btsisterhoodprogramming@gmail.com
          Tues, 14: MetroNorth Region Hudson Valley Area Torah Fund Event at Temple Israel Center in White Plains, NY. Our own Carol Haber-Cohen will be honored! Check back soon for more details.

          Wed, 29: Book Club – 8pm, Blindman’s Bluff by Faye Kellerman

   June 2019:

            Tues, 4: Installation Dinner – 8 pm

            Thurs, 13: Sisterhood Closing Meeting