Shalach Manot for Purim

On Purim it is a Mitzvah to send gifts (Shelach Manot) to family and friends. So in addition to listening to the Megillah, and giving tzedakah, please be sure to participate in this fun tradition and important fundraiser. It is easy to fulfill the mitzvah of Shelach Manot with the Sisterhood at Bet Torah! 

This year, the festive gift bags are made of recycled paper and will be chock-full of delicious kosher goodies (including Nut-Free Hamentashen) as well as groggers, masks and toys for the tots.

Every Bet Torah family will have received a HappyPurim letter in their email with a personal code and logon instructions.

Orders have now closed; bags have been made and are ready for pickup!

If you have a child in the nursery or religious school, they should have already received your/their bag before the February break.

If you do not have a child in the nursery or religious school, you may now pick up your bag from the library this week!


We hope you enjoy the Shalach Manot from The Bet Torah Sisterhood and wish you a wonderful Purim!

If you have any questions and/or feedback, please contact Terri M. Stern & Maxine Benjamin

Thank you and Happy Purim!

The Bet Torah Sisterhood Shelach Manot Committee - Maxine Benjamin, BeBe Isaacs, Terri MulQueeny-Stern and Evy Rosenthal  








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