“I was truly overcome with appreciation and awe at the whole process that all of you put together. From top to bottom, it was amazing. The call to say it was coming, the smile (from a distance) when it was delivered, the amount of food, the way it was packaged and the way it looked… I even took a little taste already and it was delicious.  This synagogue takes care of its members in the most phenomenal way!”

– Congregant and Shabbat meal recipient

What is the Shabbat Meal Program?

On Friday March 20th, thirty delicious Shabbat meals cooked by Rene Leon were delivered to fourteen homes by fourteen volunteers. This effort was financially supported by three families in the congregation and administered by several of our amazing lay leaders with the support of our incredible professional staff.

Please help us continue this effort. We need your help, especially as the needs of our community are anticipated to grow.

How you can help:

  • Click here if you would like to help deliver Shabbat meals on Friday afternoons.
  • Click here if you would like to donate to support the program.

Are you in need or know someone in need? 

Please contact the caring committee at caring@bettorah.org to share this information.