Selichot 2017

Prepare your heart, mind, and soul for the High Holy Days
Join Cantor Herman, Rabbi Brusso and Rabbi Koffman for an extraordinary evening of music and spirituality


Selichot literally means forgiveness (think of somebody in Israel bumping into you and saying "selicha" - pardon me/forgive me).  Selichot are Jewish self-reflective poems and prayers, recited during the month preceding the High Holidays - preparing us for a transformational, spiritual experience.  Selichot also refers specifically to the Saturday night the week  before Rosh Hashanah, when there is a whole service centered around these beautiful and very spiritual prayers. 

There is a cantorial tradition of doing some type of concert-service on this night - especially as Shabbat has ended and instruments can be used.  Traditionally, the Selichot service begins at midnight!  However at Bet Torah, like at many shuls, we will begin well before that, and end at midnight - but don't worry if that sounds too late for you!  We will begin this Saturday night with a dessert reception at  9:30 PM, and begin the service at 10:00 PM.  Many people leave before the end time - totally understandable, totally acceptable.

Those who attend our Selichot service year after year find it to be one of the most spiritual nights at Bet Torah.  We will do lots of singing, have lots of music (some religious, some more secular) with great musicians (including BT's own Mike Rosenman & Darren Wallis).  It is quite simply a wonderful way to begin turning our attention to the High Holidays - to actually take a little time to get mentally prepared.   And we make it easy to participate.

Join us!

New Recordings to Practice With!

Listen to Cantor Randy chant parts of our services! Whether you're preparing for a B'nei Mitzvah, chanting Torah, or need a refresher on service prayers, listen here!