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Here are some other web sites that you may want to use as research for further commentaries about your Torah portion.  

This web site has information about many Jewish topics and issues. The Parasha section includes a translation section as well as commentaries from various sources and focuses.  

This web site is well organized by level of complexity along with a variety of focuses by different rabbis, schools or organizations on different parts of the Parasha.  

This is an educator’s web site (CAJE-Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education) that is more appropriate for the adult level of understanding. (The link appears when you click on the name of the Parasha which is next to the date in the heading).  

This link is the Jewish Publication Society’s translation of each Parasha of the Torah. 

This is the web site of long distance learning for the Jewish Theological Seminary. Click on “Parashat Hashavuah”.  

This web site has a link to a D’Var Torah of each Parasha from the University of Judaism, which is the west coast “version” of JTS.  

Another great site-Easier to read with some good links for further commentary and research.  

This is the web site for Jewish Board of Education of New York. This site gives you a summary and questions for family discussions and further investigations with a short list of sources for further reading for adults and children.  

This is the official site of the Orthodox Union. It has news on it as well as several links to Torah study on the right side of the page. If you click in the white window that says “Learn Torah” there are more links to choose from.  

This web site is a treasure trove of links to links to a variety of Jewish interests. To begin Torah study click on the Torah-On-Line link.

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