Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor

Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor: Book Discussion and Slide Show Presentation - Led by Rabbi Aaron Brusso
As a continuation of the conversation Rabbi Brusso began on the holidays with his sermon Brotherhood, Boundary, Borders he will facilitate a a three part discussion of Yossi Klein Halevi’s New York Times Bestseller “Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor.” Klein Halevi attempts to explain the Jewish narrative to his Palestinian neighbor in acknowledgment that a “two-state solution” can not be achieved until the underlying “two narrative problem” is addressed. In the final session Rabbi Brusso will share photos and stories from his trip to the West Bank. 
Book Discussion Thursday Nov 8, Wednesday Nov. 14 @ 8pm
Photos and Stories From West Bank Trip Sunday Dec. 16 @ 9:30am
Date and Time: 
Sunday, December 16, 2018 - 9:30am
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