We value your family's involvement in Bet Torah and TLC.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties or would like to make an alternative payment plan, Executive Director Seth Young will be able to assist you.


Better Together – $60.00 for five gatherings

Drash with the Rabbi: Next Steps – $200.00/full year

Jewish Learning Fellowship$125.00/six weekly courses

Madrichim-in-Training – $118.00/full year

Nosh and Drash – $550.00/full year (non-congregants – $700.00/full year)

Rosh Hodesh and Shevet, powered by Moving Traditions – $210.00/full year (non-congregants – $300.00/full year)

There are no fees for Leadership Training Cohort (LTC) and Madrichim / ELI 2.0.


Teens who are not congregants can participate in TLC programs as long as there is sufficient room for all the members of the congregation who would like to participate. Tuition rates may be higher.


After you register, please expect to receive a bill from the Bet Torah bookkeeper. Registration is not complete until we receive payment.


Contact Us

Gina Fass, Director of the Kulanu Learning Program 
914-666-7595 x102

Loen Amer, Director of Experiential Learning for Children and Teens 
914-666-7595  x139

Seth Young, Executive Director