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Sundays, 11:00 a.m., five times a year. No fee. 

TLC/Kulanu 2020-21 FAQ

Madrichim in 8th-12th grade serve as role models, working with teachers to create a positive environment throughout Kulanu Learning Program. Regular training and skill-development workshops led by Robin Wald are a key part of this program.

Space for this program is limited, and requires an application. Please note that teen participation and placement will be determined based on a combination of factors, including teen requests, teacher requests, classroom needs, and scheduling. Applications for 2020-2021 were due Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

Attendance at workshops is mandatory. Teens who do not attend consistently may be asked to leave the program.


“I like being around children and want to give back to the Bet Torah community.”

“I have been working with the gan kids for two years now and I love it. They look up to me and learn how to behave properly and so much more. It’s like I’m their second mom! I love growing a stronger relationship with them! Also, the kids love me and all they want to do is climb all over me and that’s what I love!”

“I love being able to accompany kids on their journey of finding their Jewish Identity.”

“I really love not only being connected to the kids, but being connected to the kids in the Bet Torah community. I really love helping them with everything from learning Hebrew to making puzzles and all that is in between. In the end, I really love doing this not only to be connected with the kids but to hopefully act as a mentor for them.”

“I love learning and speaking Hebrew. It comes very naturally to me. Preparing for my bat mitzvah was so much fun, and I would like to share my love for Judaism by helping kids with their Hebrew and Torah studies.”

“I enjoy being with members of the community. I enjoy being with the younger kids and teaching them about Hebrew and Judaism.”

“I’d like to help others while I continue my Jewish journey.” 


Attendance at workshops is mandatory. Teens who do not attend consistently may be asked to leave the program.

Wednesday, July 15: Madrichim Application Deadline

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