As part of the curriculum, the school provides a variety of programs designed to tailor educational requirements to an individual student’s need, to instill a love for Judaism, foster a sense of community among students, and impart a sense of responsibility to the greater community. These include:


The school employs a learning specialist and has established a resource room which is available for children requiring remedial help or enrichment. The Educational Director should be advised of any student with such needs. The school also has self-contained classrooms and a Language Lab equipped with tape recorders and earphones to aid in individual instruction in both Hebrew language and prayer.


We believe that Jewish music is an integral part of the well-rounded religious school experience. Accordingly, a music program is integrated into the curriculum, and teaches holiday songs and selections from Jewish liturgy and dancing. There is an all-school Zimriah at closing exercises to complete the year’s music program.


In the tradition of Judaism, we encourage students to give Tzedakah (charity) on a regular basis. A Jewish National Fund (JNF) “blue box” is present in each classroom, and students are asked to bring contributions regularly. These donations are more meaningful if they come, at least partially, from the student’s own pocket. We have tzedakah rolling classes before Purim and Pesach and the students get to choose where to send the Tzedakah.


One of the highlights of each year is the class Shabbaton, a service led by class members. Each student prepares for and leads a portion of the service. In the Gimel and Vav years, the service is followed by a family Shabbat dinner. In all other grades, the service is followed by an Oneg Shabbat.