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Nursery School

Talking To Your Children

Remote Young Family Programs

Daily Morning Meeting with Morah Mindy – Monday  9:00 – 9:25 a.m.

Meeting ID: 758 789 053  Please use the password previously shared.

Stay at Home, Play at Home ideas with love from Morah Mindy:

Previous volumes of “Stay at Home, Play at Home”

June 1-June 4

Resources From Our Specialists

Including previous programming from: Music, Movement, Sign Language, Happy Feet , Coach Chris

Movement with Morah Janet

Yoga Sun Salutation that Morah Janet teaches our students

Carnival of the Animals

Mayim Dance

Happy Feet

NEW: HappyFeet Video #19 HappyFeet Soccer Adventures With Trolls

NEW : HappyFeet Video #20 HappyFeet Soccer Goes on a Bug Adventure

Coach Chris

NEW: Exercising and Fun with Coach Chris #6

Sign Language

NEW: A, B, C’s


Beyond Bet Torah

Join Rabbi Yael Buechler and our friends from the Leffell School to get in the mood for Shabbat!

Worldwide Synagogue Sing!

Every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

Do you want to sing with your friends and family near and far? Worldwide Synagogue Sing is a chance for school-age kids to connect virtually for meaningful and creative Jewish experience. Perfect for family participation!

Brought to you by members of the Mishpacha Collective: Rabbi Alexis Pinsky, Chava Mirel, Eliana Light, and Rachel Goldberg.

Kulanu Learning Program (K-7th)

Talking To Your Children

Remote Young Family Programs

By Class

Using Zoom

“Joining a Zoom Meeting” Video

Zoom Help

Please note: All Zoom chat logs are recorded and can be accessed by the host afterward, including private messages

Virtual Jewish Learning Resources

My Jewish Learning has guides to traditional prayers that may be particularly useful at this time, including the Prayer for Healing, the Prayer for Hand-Washing, the Prayer for Travelers, and the Prayer for Doctors.


Animated cartoon drawn videos on all Parshiyot in the Torah, much of Navi and Jewish holidays, Jewish thought and philosophy. Breadth of Jewish content is comprehensive.

PJ Library Resources for Quarantined Families

One great way to pass time with your little ones is to read PJ Library books! Here are other ideas for ways to stay busy and have fun at home. Check out PJ Library Listen for hours of free audio content for the whole family, plus arts and crafts, unplugged time, cooking, and more.

Ramah Ba-Bayit

Ramah Ba-Bayit (“Ramah at Home”) is a compilation of programs from Ramah camps and Israel, including storytelling, Kabbalat Shabbat programs, Havdalah, on Zoom, Facebook Live, and more.

Teen Learning Community (8th-12th)

Talking To Your Children

Remote TLC Learning and Experiences 

Lifelong Learning

Remote Lifelong Learning