Bet Torah

Teachers and Staff

Meet our Staff!

Gan (K)Ellen Sobelemail
Aleph (1)Debbie Fermanemail
Wendy Cavuotoemail
Bet (2)Abby Chargoemail
Karen Savir (Sunday Only)email
Gimel (3)Debbie Berger (Jewish Culture)email
Bilha Savir (Hebrew)email
Dalet (4)Abby Reuben (Judaica Studies)  Mon, Wed, Sunemail
Ellen Sitnik (Hebrew) Mon, Wed, Sunemail
Debbie Berger (Jewish Culture) Tuesemail
Bilha Savir (Hebrew) Tuesemail
Hey (5)Nancy Kapchan (Jewish Culture + Hebrew) Mon, Tuesemail
Yael Sahar (Hebrew) Mon, Sunemail
Shay Cohen (Israel) Sunemail
Vav (6)Guy Amdur (Jewish Culture)email
Mimi Rand (Hebrew)email
Zayin (7)Rabbi Brusso – Tuesemail
Robin Wald – Tues, Sunemail
Nili Ionascu – Sunemail
Dear Congregants: The building is closed; please join us for virtual programming.Click here for more information.