Bet Torah Nursery School offers preschool classes for twos, threes and fours, as well as new expanded and enhanced Parenting Programs.  A separation program is also available twice a week for children 18 months and older called Kitah Kitan.  We also hold after-school enrichment sessions.

At Bet Torah Nursery School, we seek to enhance the total development of each child, socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively through a child-centered curriculum with an emphasis on Jewish values. We believe children learn best when their curiosity is aroused and all of their senses are engaged in learning.

Our goal is to provide interactive experiences that stimulate a child’s learning ability, while providing a safe and caring environment that encourages a child to explore. We aim to build a partnership between home and school in order to foster the well-being of each child.

We work to help children establish a positive Jewish identity, gain knowledge of their history, religious observances, values and language, and translate that knowledge into a Jewish way of life. Our program continually reflects the importance of tzedakah and mitzvot, as we work to create an atmosphere where we can all grow and feel accepted, where everyone is treated respectfully and as an individual.

As a result, our educators design all activities to be:

DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE, keeping in tune with the stages of each child’s cognitive, perceptual, language, social and personal development.

INDIVIDUALLY APPROPRIATE, focusing on each child’s interest and skill levels, so that each student will develop a sense of self and positive feelings about his or her relationship to the world.

CULTURALLY INSPIRED, encouraging children to explore every aspect of Jewish tradition. Our overall curriculum is always seasoned with Judaic culture, traditions and values.

We strive to help children learn how to problem-solve, empower them to verbalize their feelings and thoughts, encourage children to make their own decisions and help them function well in small and large groups. Our Early Childhood Program will give children a foundation upon which they can build peer relationships and gain a life-long love of learning.

Families interested in our program are encouraged to call the preschool to schedule a tour to observe a typical day.

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