Learning Resource Center

The Schleifer Learning Center 
Dedicated to Instruction for all Students of all abilities 
Teacher and Coordinator – Nili Ionascu 

The philosophy that every Jewish child deserves a Jewish education is the foundation of our educational process. The Learning Resource Center at Bet Torah Religious School is a multi-component program which serves students who are in need of special assistance.

The program has 3 general components. The resource component is designed for students who in their other schools function in a regular classroom, but who are in need of additional support; for example, decoding letters or letter recognition. These students would receive one on one instruction for 15-20 minutes periodically (frequency as recommended by the classroom teacher).

The second component is designed for students who in their public school have already been designated as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Hyperactive Disorder) or LD (learning disabled), and are not able to attend a 6-hour a week program. They require modification to help access the weekday curriculum, but can be mainstreamed for Sunday classes. They will attend our Sunday classes and participate in the Enrichment Center during the week.

The third component is also for students who in their public school have already been designated ADD, ADHD, or LD, but these students are in special schools or in self-contained classrooms in public school. These students meet from 1-4 hours in a self-contained classroom and are integrated into the regular Hebrew School for special holiday programs, Shabbatonim, assemblies or music classes.

Each situation is unique and is decided on an individual basis to benefit each student.


New Recordings to Practice With!

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