Welcoming The Stranger From The Southern Border:

Community-Wide Elul Social Action Committee Project

Like Jews have done many times throughout our history, children who have trekked 1000s of miles across Central America and Mexico searching for peace and freedom are now on their way to a better life with sponsors across the U.S.

We’re in a unique position to help these children reach and settle into their new homes, given our Biblical mandate “You shall love the stranger as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt” (Leviticus 19:34).


Here are some ways to help these newcomers from our shuls and homes in Westchester:

collections and raise funds for immigrant children living in Westchester’s Abbot House. Buy Wish List items for them.

Westchester Children’s Village efforts to provide family reunification, short-term shelter, personal care, and other items to asylum seekers.

traveling asylum seekers at the Port Authority Greyhound terminal via the Grannies Respond program to provide them with food, supplies and help to transfer to buses to their final destinations. Sign up for a shift.

for the rights of asylum seekers to ask for protection in the U.S. through the Neighbors For Refugees postcarding campaign to elected officials.


The inspiring words of Psalm 27, read every day in the month of Elul leading to the High Holidays, ask

be my shelter when
I am wracked by hardship and disquiet,
offer me a sanctuary, and from there
I will sing hymns to the darkness
with openness and love.

In this time of introspection and spiritual preparation leading to the High Holidays, when we reflect on life’s challenges, we are reminded that the offer of “sanctuary” can quiet the soul and fill us with love and hope for a better future. We follow the example of our forefather, Abraham, who hurried to welcome the stranger, and we set new goals to attempt to alleviate hardship and disquiet by caring for newcomers to our shores.