The month of Elul begins on August 8th and culminates in Selichot and finally Rosh Hashannah. The shofar is traditionally sounded every day.

There will be many opportunities to engage in all aspects of Bet Torah life this month, and for Social Action opportunities to  volunteer, participate and establish plans for involvement during the rest of the year.. The goal will be to offer an array of activities from the youngest to the oldest members of our community. Some serve our own community, others stretch to our neighborhoods, and still others  are planned as a jumping off place for Social Action for the New Year of 5782.


Caring Committee Family and Youth Involvement

Kulanu, Nursery and Youth Groups can participate in a We Care Card project – creating as many cards as they wish to send anonymously to congregants along with bereavement gifts. . These will be collected in a drop off box in the synagogue the month of August in front of the synagogue, labeled “We Care Box”. They will be distributed with the bags or with Mahzors to congregants who have been ill.

A second opportunity is creating  Remembrance Stones. Everyone can collect natural stones and decorate them to be given to our Mourner’s  in a special Caring Committee Bag. Young children might just want to collect a small jar full of stones, older children might want to paint them. They will also be dropped off as with the cards. The Drop off box will also be outside the front entrance to the synagogue labeled “You Rock”.

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Honey Cake Baking

Under the supervision of The Caring Committee, there will be an opportunity to bake together, supply ingredients, and to contribute donations to provide honey cakes for our fellow congregants who have experienced a loss in the last year. These will be distributed with the Bereavement gift bags. This will be a great opportunity to gather in the Bet Torah kitchen to cook together, or to just support the event with ingredients or donations.

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Community Service Food Drive

Traditionally, Bet Torah contributes to the Interfaith Food Pantry to support a cereal drive at the holidays. This year we will collect cereal, oatmeal and shelf stable milk  These will be collected at Bet Torah prior to Kol Nidre.

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Interfaith Sukkot Event

On September 26th, from 4:45- 6:45 PM we will have an Interfaith Sukkot Event in the tent. It will emphasize the power of music to transform and touch us spiritually in all religions.

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Social Justice Elul Project

We are working with the Westchester Jewish Coalition for Immigration to support families on the journey to a better life, much as our own parents and grandparents did when they came to this country.