Guest Speaker: Judy Klitsner

Judy Klitsner, winner of the prestigious National Jewish Book Award and renowned Bible scholar, will be teaching the following on the evening of March 27, 2019 at Bet Torah at 7:45pm, starting right after Maariv.  

The Tower of Babel vs. the Midwives of Egypt:  Dueling Stories and an Unlikely Path Toward Redemption.  What does the story of building the world's largest structure in Babel have in common with a tale of subjugation and heroism in Egypt? Upon close analysis, we will expose the many surprising similarities between these stories as well as some significant differences. Of particular interest will be the actions and motivations of a number of outstanding female characters in the Exodus narrative, who help to pave the path toward redemption in unexpected ways.

Judy Klitsner is a senior lecturer at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, where she has been teaching Bible and biblical exegesis for more than two decades.  A disciple of the great Torah teacher Nechama Leibowitz, Judy has had a profound impact on a generation of students, of whom many now serve as teachers and heads of Jewish studies programs in the US, the UK and Israel. In her teaching and in her writing, Judy weaves together traditional exegesis, modern scholarship and her own original interpretations that are informed by close readings of the biblical text. She lectures internationally at synagogues, campuses and adult education programs that span the denominational spectrum and she holds a visiting lectureship at the London School of Jewish Studies. Judy’s teaching style is lively, interactive and text-based, and she is particularly fond of uncovering the “vibrant conversation” that takes place between the Bible’s parallel stories. Judy Klitsner is the author of Subversive Sequels in the Bible: How Biblical Stories Mine and Undermine Each Other (Jewish Publication Society, paperback by Koren Publishers). The book received a 2009 National Jewish book award.


We hope you will join us for a fascinating evening. 

Date and Time: 
Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 7:45pm
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