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Save the date: Volunteer opportunity for 4th and 5th graders

Kadima/TLC Theater Themed Event (6th-12th graders)

Ongoing TLC Programs (8th-12th graders)

Midnight Run Unlike Any Other (8th-12th graders)


TONIGHT at 6PM on Zoom – The Legacy of RBG (8th-12th graders and college students)

Announcement of the Young Men of the Class of 2025!

Join the Kulanu Instagram Pet Parade! (open to all)

The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (8th-12th graders and college students)

FALLing in love with TLC! 🍂 (8th-12th graders)

Programs for Bet Torah’s Tweens and Teens (4th-12th graders)

Invitation for 11th/12th graders


Reminder: RSVP for 8th Graders

Your 8th Grader is Invited to Represent their Torah Portion!

TLC Programs THIS WEEK (8th-12th graders)


High Holy Day Social Action – Drop Off Starts TOMORROW! (K-12th grade)

TLC Fall 2020 (8th-12th grade)

Reminder: Sign up for College Connection!

TLC Registration NOW LIVE! (rising 8th-12th graders)

Sign up for College Connection!

Getting Ready for TLC 2020-2021! (rising 8th-12th graders)

Kayitz @ Kulanu Summer Updates

Summer Fun for Children and Teens


Wed. AND Thus. at 6PM: “Power, Privilege, and Vulnerability” (rising 8th graders – college first-years)

Important Discussion for Teens 7/29-30 (rising 8th graders – college first-years)



Teen Events This Week…and Beyond (8th-12th graders)

Join Kadima on Zoom at 4PM! (6th and 7th graders) 

Bet Torah Fun for Children and Teens (K-12th graders)

Club 45 Cookies TOMORROW at 4PM! (4th and 5th graders)

Discussion for College Students with Rabbi Brusso

Lang Application Due TOMORROW (12th graders)

Club 45 SCATTERGORIES on May 6 at 5PM! (4th and 5th graders)


Opportunities for the Class of 2020

Kadima Cooking (In Your Own Kitchen) THIS SUNDAY (6th and 7th graders)

TONIGHT: Holocaust Memorial Program for Teens (8th-12th graders)

Events for teens and their parents THIS WEEK (8th-12th graders)

TODAY at 5:00: Club 45 Zoom Yoga Party – (4th and 5th graders)


Introducing Remote Club 45! (4th and 5th graders)

Reminder: Programs for 8th-12th graders are online

TLC Remote Learning and Experiences (8th-12th graders)

No Teen Prep Meeting Tonight (7th-12th graders)

Teens, help out with Purim AND MORE! (7th-12th graders)


Save the date! Blessing for HS Grads May 8 (12th graders)

Monthly Dinner with Rabbi Brusso for 11th and 12th graders


Join our Purim Band! (7th-12th graders)

Rockin’ Reminders for YOUTH SHABBAT???? (4th-12th graders)

Rock out at Youth Shabbat! (4th-12th graders)

Get ready to ROCK on YOUTH SHABBAT! (4th-12th graders)

THIS WEEKEND! Campus Life For Jews Discussion (10th-12th graders)

NEXT FRIDAY 1/10 – Reunion for College Students


Reunion January 10 for College Students

Scholar-in-Residence Rabbi Mike Uram: January 10-12


December Teen Events (8th-12th graders)

Club 45 PIE PARTY! (4th and 5th graders)


November Events for Middle Schoolers (5th-8th graders)

Teen Service Projects This Giving Season (8th-12th graders)

Drash with the Rabbi Meets 11/7 (11th and 12th graders)


RH/YK Madrichim Signup AND MORE! (8th-12th graders)

Club 45 Kickoff Sun., 9/22 (4th and 5th graders)

An Invitation for your 11th/12th grader THURS. 9/19 (11th and 12th graders)

Nosh and Drash Starts NEXT WEEK 9/17 (8th-12th graders)

Teen Kickoff Next Sun. 9/8 (8th-12th graders)


Register for TLC! (8th-12th graders)


Sign up for College Connection!

Encampment Registration Deadline is August 1! (rising 6th-12th graders)

Previous Year’s “Teen Talk” Newsletters





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