Bet Torah Youth will reimburse congregants in good standing who are paid youth group members 50% off Encampment tuition.

Encampment is open to current 5th-11th graders (who will be starting 6th-12th grade in September).

Each of our days is filled with camp activities like Color Warjoyous prayer servicessports and outdoor adventuremealsengaging Jewish learning, and time to just relax and get to know new friends at beautiful Camp Ramah. Encampment is unlike any other program, and you don’t want to miss it!

What is METNY? What are Kadima and USY?

The Metropolitan New York Region (METNY) gives Jewish teens in our area the opportunity to engage in various Jewish and social activities while forming friendships that last a lifetime. METNY strives to inspire meaningful encounters with Judaism and the Jewish people. Kadima is the name of our Jewish youth group for 6th-8th graders, and USY (United Synagogue Youth) is for 9th -12th graders. In Kadima and USY teens can come together to connect their Jewish identity to their everyday lives.

What will we do during Encampment?

Encampment is the best event because it is everything you could want to do: hang with friends, play sports, color war, make new friends, dance, swim in the lake, rock climb and so much more! Encampment gives everyone a chance to make new friends and get used to METNY. We spend the first few days having bunk bonding programs, icebreakers, and fun programs to get to know new friends. One of the many highlights is when we all come together for Shabbat overlooking the lake; it is such a beautiful and spirited moment that you won’t find anywhere else.

What is the half-week option?

Do you play sports for school? Is this your first sleep-away camp experience? Are you taking a family vacation? This option is for you! The half-camp option is an opportunity to dip your toes into the Encampment experience by joining us for the first half of the week. We hope you join us for Encampment, even if it is just for half of the week! 

How much is tuition?

METNY has not yet announced Encampment 2020 tuition. Bet Torah Youth will reimburse congregants in good standing who are paid youth group members 50% off the early bird tution. We are offering a $125 tuition reimbursement for the half-week program. All meals, programming, lodging, and busing are included.

Where is Encampment?

Encampment is hosted on the grounds of beautiful Camp Ramah Berkshires in lovely Wingdale, NY. Teens stay in bunks of 16 or fewer campers. Facilities include a scenic Lake Elis for swimming and boating, large dining and social halls, ropes courses, sports fields, and more!

I don’t know anyone; will I have a good time?

Encampment is the perfect event to join the METNY family! It is the first event of the year, and has the largest turnout of newcomers! Whether it is your first event or tenth event, everybody comes to Encampment to meet new friends and have a great time! Bet Torah always sends a large delegation, so even if they are not friends, there will be familiar faces from our community.

Loen Amer, our Director of Youth Engagement, will also be at camp. Loen is responsible for social media during camp, so family at home will be sure to see a few bonus pictures of Bet Torah teens smiling and enjoying on Facebook.

Help! I need assistance with registration.

For support, contact Gillian Bartell, METNY Assistant Regional Teen Engagement Director at or (212) 533-7800 Ex: 170.