We have had past success hosting our Rosh Hodesh and Shevet groups–powered by Moving Traditions–in homes. We are excited families will be hosting groups again this year!

If you are willing to host, please consider these guidelines for hosting.

Host Guidelines 2021-2022

Many Bet Torah families have outdoor space–protected from rain–where they could host a group of 8-15, which is ideal for hosting a group.

A large room is also a possibility. Please use this Social Distancing Room Space Calculator based on the size of your teen’s group, plus group leader, staying three feet apart. Group leader and participants will be masked at all times.

Please only offer to host if you have sufficient space rain/snow or shine.

No food should be served during Rosh Hodesh/Shevet gatherings. If parents choose, they can serve drinks, only if teens are gathering outside.

All gathering spaces need to be sufficiently separate that the group has an enclosed space where they can share feelings without being overheard. Family members (including siblings) are asked to respect this privacy and not join the group during the gathering.

At least one parent/adult guardian should be in the home at all times while the group leader is present.

Group leaders are tasked with enforcing our Kulanu/TLC Health Protocols. Thank you for supporting them.


Group leaders will be setting their group monthly group gatherings, scheduled in concert with their group’s needs.

If your teen is in Rosh Hodesh led by Robin Wald (classes of 2025 and 2024), Nancy Fried-Tanzer (2023) and Diana Binger (2022) or Shevet led by Louis Kail (2025) or Don Fried-Tanzer (2024), please speak to them to offer to host. To host class of 2026 groups, please fill out this form.