Sunday, February 28, 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Bet Torah families and children in NS-7th grade are invited to join us for zoomazing Purim fun!

Suggested donation per family: $18

9:00 a.m. Time Flies Circus performance featuring performer Ellie Steingraeber
9:30 a.m. Children will choose a series of three games or activities led by our teens

Activities options include Scavenger Hunt; Chess, Sudoku and Other Challenging Puzzles; Cookie Decorating; Recycled Gragger Craft; FauxFace Paint; JustDance; Name That Tune; and MORE! All about our teen-led activities.

Intro to Juggling Workshop option with circus educator Claire Vercruyssen for 4th-7th graders, only.

Plus, send “Candy Grams” to your Bet Torah friends!

Costumes invited from adults and children! 🎭 

Time Flies Circus is a circus education company working to bring circus to as many people as possible through Zoom performances, educational circus workshops, and backyard circus camps.

Teen Volunteers

Thank you to all teens who have volunteered to lead activities for our children.

Celebration for WJCS Guests

This year, we will be recording a Zoom version of our traditional celebration for special needs adults from WJCS’ Partners in Caring Havorah program. Teens in 8th-12th grade are asked to sign up to participate in the “table read” Zoom play and dance party.

Community service credit will be awarded.

Ellie Steingraeber has celebrated over fifteen years as a circus and variety artist, folding into a pretzel on the Tonight Show and flying 70 feet in the air at Madison Square Garden. She has traveled the globe performing unique acts in some of the world’s strangest venues, ridden on top of elephants in small town circus shows across America, and brought joy to countless audiences through tv appearances, theatrical circus shows and street performances.


Claire Vercruyssen is a second-generation circus performer and instructor. She started her circus training at the age of four under her parents instruction and continued her training with renowned circus performers around the world. She also trained in classical ballet and received a BFA in dance from FSU. She fell in love with teaching circus and now travels around the United States teaching circus skills to kids of all ages. She loves to perform and teach unicycling, juggling, tightwire, prop manipulation, aerial trapeze and much more!


Intro to Juggling! (9:30-10:00, 4th-7th graders, only)

This course will get you started on your juggling journey. Feeling like you have two left hands? No worries – in this class you will learn diverse juggling skills in a fun way. We will work on coordination through different patterns and techniques. Train your brain, improve your coordination, and discover how fun juggling can be. Come learn this cornerstone art of circus and clowning!

Participants bring their own juggling balls or items, you can use socks, tennis balls, fruit or anything you can throw in the air that won’t break! We will also use plastic grocery bags to learn a different type of juggling.


Loen Amer, Director of Experiential Learning for Children and Teens
914-666-7595  x139