Bet Torah

High Holy Days Card 5780


Lauren, Brad, Emily, Rebecca and Zachary Adler
Marcy, Rob, Josh & Emma Aufrichtig
Mara and Danny Baror
Patty, Glenn, Jason & Raquel Belkin
Erica, Eli & Ariel Allen
Nancy and Sam Beran
Drs. Jill & Richard Berliner, Julia & Daniel
The Staff of Bet Torah Nursery School
The Binger Family
Bogen Family
Aaron Brusso, Hana Gruenberg and Family
Sue, Frank, Reid & Becky
The Charney Family
Carol Haber-Cohen, David Cohen and Family
The Davis-Stone Family
The Dishner Family
Tammi, Rob & Jason Ecker
Gina, Jonathan, Michal & Erez Fass
The Federman Family
Koller Fishman
Stacey, Barry, Cecelia and Miryam Follman
Howard and Keryn Frankel & Family
Nancy and Donald Fried-Tanzer
The Geller Family
Lisa, Stuart, Barrie and Hillary Ginsberg
Carol and Morris Glassman
Goldman Family Deborah, Neal, Sam, Eliza, Arielle &Gabe
Helen and Ken Golub
Janice & Conrad Gordon
Rebecca and Michael Gordon
Greenberg Family – Gail, Lawrence, Cassandra and Alex
The Griff Family — Jennifer, David, Harry & Sam
The Hamerschlag Family
Patsy and Edward Handelman
Nicole, Cantor Randy, and Kaya Herman
Amy, Andrew, Marley & Alex Horowitz
Julie, Bruce, Jordan, Kathryn, Aaron, Daniel Jakubovitz
The Kellner Family
Debbie and Barry Kerschner
The Kirschner Family
Eileen & Neil Klar & Family
Mark and Gloria Koller
The Kurzer Family
Stuart, Penny, Rebecca and Miriam Lachs
Vivien Landau
Louise & Mitchell Leeds and Family
Liebowitz & Phillips Family
The Lisker Family
Joanne, Andy, Allison, Adam and Jordan Lupatkin
Robyn, Barry, Hannah, Zachary and Molly Malter
Lisa & David Matsil and Family
Metzger Family
Cynthia and Daniel Mines and Family
Irina and Dennis Monasebian
David, Faith, Justin, Alison and Josh Pedowitz
Sharon, Maddy & Harris Pollack
The Pugatch Family
Jill Ratner and Joel Rosenberg
The Rose Family
Jamie, Paul, Kira and Asher
Michelle and Michael Rosenman
The Rosenthals – Jeffrey, Karen, Jay & Sharon
Alex and Deborah Sachare
Schonfeld Family
Linda & Robert Schwarz
The Segal Family
The Siege Family
Sharon & Mark Stern & Family
Richard Stern & Terri MulQueeny-Stern
Marcia B. Stone
Phyllis Tannin and Family
The Truwit Family
Lee, Tracey, Mia, Spencer & Phoebe Warshaw
Brina & Allen Waxman & Family
Ilene and Michael Weinberg and Family
Cheryl & Andy Weissman
The Widom Family
Paul Willensky and Harriet Blumencranz
The Winter Family
Cookie and Mike Woltz


The Bet Torah youth program inspires Jewish youth in 4th-12th grade. Your donations help us fund our activities and scholarships. Thank you for your generous support.

Dear Congregants: The building is closed; please join us for virtual programming.Click here for more information.