October 30, 2018

Dear Teens and Parents,

It is our first priority that when teens are in the Bet Torah building, they are safe.

We are happy that teens are so happy and comfortable in our space. Unfortunately, they often wander off, even during programming.

We just learned that some teens routinely go up to the roof. It is unacceptable for any children or teens to be on the roof or in the basements. (The ONLY exception is when accompanied by staff in preparing for the Purim carnival.)

If any teen goes on the roof or in the basement, we will call their parents immediately to be picked up.

We expect that when in the building as part of TLC, teens will remain in the program or tell the teacher/group leader where they’ll be if they leave the room. If teens arrive at the building early or need to stay late after a program ends, they should be in the lobby next to the chapel, the library, or just outside the library.

Teens need to be under adult supervision, including the following areas: classrooms, school hallways, the youth lounge, the conference room, offices, or kitchen, including after services on Shabbat, or anytime.

These expectations are found in the Code of Conduct which all TLC participants signed. (More at BetTorah.org/Youth-Code).

We have discussed these expectations this evening with the teens who attend Nosh and Drash and Teen Quest. They are expectations we have for all our teens, which is why we are sending out this email. Please feel free to discuss as a family.

Thank you for helping us be a safe community,

Aaron Brusso, Rabbi
Gina Fass, Director of Kulanu Learning Program
Loen Amer, Director of Youth Engagement
Lauren Adler, Karen Allison, and Cara Hiller, Youth Chairs


Gina Fass, Director of Kulanu Learning Program
914-666-7595 x102

Loen Amer, Director of Youth Engagement
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