March 2021:

  • Wednesday 3: Board Meeting
  • Wednesday 11: Dynamic Evening with Ruth Rosenberg, 7.45pm-9pm
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    • Meeting ID: 839 2880 9237
    • Passcode: 225545
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    • Miriam the matriarch is best known for being Moses’ sister, but her influence played a much bigger role in the fate of the Jewish people. She was the one that foresaw that her estranged parents’ reunion would bear a leader who would free the nation of Israel. She pursued this vision into fruition with every means she had. The great sage Kabbalist, Rabbi Isaac Luria, goes even further to say that the whole redemption of Passover is rooted in her actions. When speaking about Pesach, the most prominent figure we think of is Moshe, but he would not have existed without Miriam. She inspires us to never second guess ourselves and to have the courage to act on our vision.


  • Sunday 28–Sunday 4/4: Passover

April 2021:

  • Wednesday 7: Board Meeting

May 2021:

  • Sunday 2-Monday 3: Spring Tag Sale
  • Wednesday 5: Board Meeting
  • Wednesday 12: Program
  • Wednesday 19: Book Club #4
  • Monday 18: Shavuot

June 2021:

  • Wednesday 9: Installation Dinner
  • Wednesday 16: Closing Board Meeting
  • Tuesday 15 & Thursday 17: Practice for Sisterhood Shabbat
  • Saturday 19: Sisterhood Shabbat