Shalach Manot for Purim

On Purim it is a Mitzvah to send gifts (Shalach Manot) to family and friends. So in addition to listening to the Megillah, and giving tzedakah, please be sure to participate in this fun tradition and important fundraiser. It is easy to fulfill the mitzvah of Shalach Manot with the Sisterhood at Bet Torah! 

Pick Up Your Family Purim Bag


The Sisterhood Shalach Manot Purim Bags are available for pickup between now and the Purim activities on Sunday, March 24

The bags are available for members WITHOUT children in Kulanu or the Nursery School. Children will be receving their bags in class. Please take ONE BAGper family.

Congregants will receive their gifting letter from Happy Purim via email.

Bags will be available in the office and at Purim acitvities on 

March 20 and March 24

If you have any questions please contact:

Dori Busell:

 Lauren Fishman:

If you have any questions or want to help, please contact Dori Busell or Lauren Fishman.