The Festival of Purim – February 26th 2021

***** Deadline for signing up to send Shalach Manot: February 5th *****

Every Purim, Bet Torah Sisterhood offers all members of our community the opportunity to participate in the mitzvah of sending gifts (Shalach Manot). This year more than ever, we have to take every opportunity to celebrate our community, and our resilience. Please be a part of this wonderful event and holiday!

Shalach Manot Picture

You have been receiving emails from Sisterhood through Happy Purim that include a personal link and login instructions to place your Shalach Manot orders. Please follow the link and log on to ensure you are part of a wonderful opportunity to bring joy and giving!


In addition to sending your good wishes to friends, staff and relatives, you will have the opportunity to support charity, which is another mitzvah associated with holiday of Purim. This year Sisterhood is sponsoring two charities that advocate and address the needs of children with developmental challenges and disabilities.

  • One is in Israel, Keren Or ( an organization working with  children who are vision impaired and have  multiple disabilities- provides therapy.
  • The other charity is closer to home in Westchester, Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) at WIHD ( which advocates for children who have experienced maltreatment.


In addition to the choice of selecting which families and staff you would like to send your greetings to for a nominal cost of $2 per name for the first 36 names and $1 per name thereafter, there will be a new option for a fixed fee to send to every member of the community for $280! Every family will receive one basket per family, with yummy treats and gifts.

REMEMBER: Shalach Manot is this year’s major fundraiser for Sisterhood that allows us to support not only our own programming, but also provide programming and support to the whole synagogue community.

If you would like to volunteer for assembly and distribution please sign up through the following link:


If you have questions about what Shalach Manot is, how it works or how you can help by  volunteering  for assembly of bags in a Covid-safe environment and distribution of bags by drive by and by drop off,  please contact:

  • Jill Ratner:
  • Shirley Goldman:
  • Johanna Shapiro :
  • Penny Bednowitz:
  • Michele Heller: