The Festival of Purim – March 10th  2020

All orders have been placed/Thank you for your support.

It’s time to help assemble and pick up!

We will be assembling bags on March 1st – all are welcome to help.

Distribution of bags will begin March 1st; 1 per family.

We will be distributing to Kulanu and to Nursery School. Everyone else please pick up your bags by stopping by the office on weekdays between March 2-13th. There will be Sisterhood representatives helping during Kulanu hours March 2, 4th and 5th from 5-6 PM. Bags will also be distributed Sunday March 1st, March 8th and at the Megillah reading on March 9th. Final distribution on March 15th. After that, items will be donated to the Food Pantry and Neighbor’s Link along with the money raised for those organizations.

Thank you again for participating and supporting this Bet Torah Sisterhood Community Activity.


If you need help with your pick up please reach out to us:

  • Jill Ratner:
  • Penny Bednowitz:
  • Michele Heller:



Connect with your Bet Torah Community and support a major fundraiser for Sisterhood!

On this festive holiday there are four Mitzvot, good deeds that the Jewish people can fulfill:

  1. Reading the Megillah, the Book of Esther
  2. Sending Mishloach Manot,  gift baskets (Yiddish- Shalach Manot)
  3. Having the Seudah, festive meal and
  4. Matanot La’evyonim, giving to the poor.

So like other Festival holidays, the holiday has a historic story of the oppressed triumphing over evil and prejudice, and it has its traditional foods with symbolism and its fun traditions: in this case costumes, gift giving, and charity.

At Bet Torah, Sisterhood supports a tradition of gift giving which extends to young and old and marks a time when we support our community, those less fortunate around us, and lets our friends, teachers and staff know how much we care. Funds raised by Sisterhood go to support programs at the synagogue, in the community, in the larger Jewish Community and globally.

Our process at Bet Torah is automated through an online service that allows us to check a box and make sure we support Sisterhood,  support charities, and tell our community we are thinking of them. We bring baskets to homebound individuals, our college students, our staff and all our nursery school families and congregation families. We also have the option to pick up bags as gifts for others outside Bet Torah’s walls.

We are looking for 100% participation, and with the reciprocity option no one will be left out! It’s as simple as clicking a link on your computer!

Every Bet Torah member will receive an email from HappyPurim. This email includes a personal code and login instructions to place your Shalach Manot orders. This will create a scrolled list of names to be placed in each bag, based on names you indicate on the site. This is a great way to connect and build relationships, and also a wonderful way to say thanks to teachers and staff, friends and family.

It’s easy and since each person you list is just $2 each for the first 36 families, and $1 each thereafter – you can spend as little or as much as you like! Extra bags for families and friends not at Bet Torah are available for extra cost.

NEW: The bags will be one per family allowing us to ensure high quality goods and raise money for worthy charities as well as supporting Sisterhood and the many events and enrichment it sponsors or co-sponsors for our diverse Bet Torah family.

This year’s event offers the chance to reach out to our Northern Westchester community and support Neighbor’s Link and/or the Mount Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry

Please log in, check it out, and enjoy fulfilling the Mitzvah of Purim!

NOTE: Assembly and Distribution: February 23rd college bags only and March 1st for all others.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Sunday mornings: January 26th, February 2nd, February 9th to promote event and help people sign up in person; February 23rd to pack the bags for college students; March 1st to pack the bags for our local friends, family, teachers and staff and community members.

Please contact our dedicated Shalach Manot Committee to volunteer: