What is Sisterhood?

Sisterhood is caring and sharing.  It is feeding the hungry and clothing the less fortunate locally and globally.  Sisterhood is providing College Goodies, Shiva Dinners and Shalach Manot.  It is Book Club, where ideas are shared about life.  Sisterhood is knitting for veterans and patients with serious illnesses. It is a major supporter of BT culturally, financially & spiritually.  Sisterhood is social, educational and recreational. Sisterhood is that feeling of never being alone.

We are the necessary element that makes us whole as Jewish women. We are moms, sisters, friends, professionals, businesswomen, grandmas, great-grandmas, and most importantly, YOU. Sisterhood needs YOU to be WE.

“Without you we are one woman short and we have too much to accomplish”


For our congregation:

Bet Torah Sisterhood Members…

  • Underwrite a weekly Women’s Torah Study Group  (Currently virtual)
  • Operate a Sisterhood Judaica/Gift Shop BTsisterhoodjudaicashop@gmail.com (Ongoing!)
  • Weekly Zoom and Knit and Crochet with Mitzvah Needles  (Currently virtual)
  • Plan and organize events, e.g. lectures, dinners, educational programs and more! (Currently virtual)
  • Send holiday packages to our college-age congregants (Ongoing!)
  • Provide meals and other assistance through Helping Hands (sisterhoodpresident@bettorah.org) (Ongoing!)
  • Assemble and distribute Shalach Manot packages
  • Organize Annual Sisterhood Shabbat service (June 19, 2021 – save the date!)
  • Present gifts to each Bar and Bat Mitzvah child (Ongoing!)
  • Offer Shabbat dinners to bereaved families (Ongoing!)
  • Provide flowers for the Bima on holidays
  • Donate annual contributions to Bet Torah’s operating expenses, Hebrew School, Shabbat A-La-Mode dinners, Purimspiel, and USY offsetting Kinnus costs (Ongoing!)

For ourselves:

Bet Torah Sisterhood Members…

  • Create and develop exciting programs including book reviews, guest speakers and educational studies
  • Publish a yearly membership directory
  • Create an opportunity for women to connect with Bet Torah on a more intimate level
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of other women members
  • Serve the synagogue and the community

For our community:

Bet Torah Sisterhood Members…

For our world wide community:

Bet Torah Sisterhood Members…