Procedures and Overview

What is the Bet Torah LIbrary? 

  • 4000+ books covering all aspects of Judaism, Jewish history, practice, literature, and culture. 
  • Always accessible
  • Easy to use
  • The collection is constantly refreshed based on the needs and requests of the congregation
  • Special focus on children's books 

 How is the library organized? 

  • Books are categorized/shelved by subject matter: 
    • literature
    • culture
    • history
    • reference
    • Israel
    • Bible
    • religion
    • children
    • young adult
  • Categories are also broken down into sub categories for more relevant access
  • Card catalog can be searched by title, author, or subject category/sub category

How do I use the Bet Torah LIbrary? 

  • To take out a book: 
    • Fill out the card in the pocket at the back of the book (name, date, phone number)
    • Place the card in the box on the wall next to the card catalog
  • To return a book:
    • Place the book in the basket on the wall next to the card catalog


New Recordings to Practice With!

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