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As we continue our efforts to create meaningful remote Shabbat and other services for our Bet Torah family, we have identified one way that we believe can significantly enhance the experience of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah (BBM) children and their families – reading from an actual Torah scroll. Our new BBM Home Torah Program also will enhance the experience of our many other congregants who participate in our Zoom Shabbat services.

BBM Torah at Home Program Letter and Protocols

Torah at Home Letter

Torah at Protocols

If you have questions regarding this program or the protocols for the program, you can reach out to our clergy, Peter Linden, – Marnie Metsch , or Heidi Widom.

Torah Scroll Pickup/Return And Acknowledgment Form

The Torah scroll is a sacred religious article belonging to Bet Torah.

Torah Blessings (where honoree is not present with the Torah)

Before reading of Torah:



After reading of Torah: