New Nominations

The following congregants are nominated to serve on next year’s Board of Directors for the first time or in a new capacity. They represent a cross section of our community, and their collective commitment to Bet Torah is exemplary. Please join us in supporting their nominations.

Vice President, Life-Long Learning: Abby Siegel
Life-Long Learning, Medical Advisory, and Interim Cantor Search Committees. Sisterhood Torah Fund Chair. Participant in Mussar, Friday morning Women’s and Small Group Torah Study.

Vice President, Ritual: Diana Binger
Current Membership Co-Chair, Past Life-Long Learning Chair, Past Nursery School Chair, High Holy Day Committee, Sisterhood Board, Shabbat Youth Programming.

Communications Secretary: David Kellogg
Committees: High Holy Day, By-Laws, Nominating, Rabbi Search, House. Participant in Film Discussion Group, Shabbat Contemplative Service, Meditation, Renaissance Men’s Group.

Financial Secretary: Sheri Hametz
Current Kulanu Budget chair, two years.

Recording Secretary: Tanya Charney
Current Sisterhood Recording Secretary and Website Pages Chair, Kulanu Board Member, High Holy Day Honors Committee Member.

Event Fundraising Co-Chair: Jody Klayman
Past Ways & Means Co-Chair, Sisterhood College Connection, Rummage Sale and Programming Co-Chair, Nursery Moms Night Out Chair, Homeless Shelter and Gala Committee member.

Nursery School Chair: Shirley Goldman
Nursery School Parent’s Association Co-Chair, three years.

Young Family Engagement: Robyn Frank
Kulanu Social Action Chair, Executive Director Search Committee and Executive Director On-Boarding Team, Cantor Task Force, Nursery School Board Clergy Liaison.

With Thanks

We look forward to the opportunity to properly thank our Board members who are stepping down from their current positions at the end of this fiscal year: Lauren Baker, Stacey Follman, Michelle Gralitzer, Chari Hirshson, Peter Linden, Al Raboy, Johanna Shapiro, and Jen Sokol.

Huge thanks to the Nominating Committee for their thoughtful consideration and willingness to be involved: Brian Chase, Phil Green, Emma Hest, Michael Hiller, Lisa Kassin, Mike Liebowitz, Jacalyn Polikoff, Jamie Rosenfeld, Jessica Rosh, and Bruce Weinreb.

With appreciation and respect,

Michelle Gralitzer, Communications Secretary
Carol Siege, Nominating Chair

Full Nominated Slate

The following Officers are nominated for a term of one (1) year:

President – Amy Horowitz
Executive Vice President – David Simonds
Vice President, Ritual – Diana Binger
Vice President, Development – Neil Klar
Vice President, Life-Long Learning – Abby Siegel
Treasurer – Adam Kupperman
Communications Secretary – David Kellogg
Financial Secretary – Sheri Hametz
Recording Secretary – Tanya Charney

The following Directors are nominated to serve for two (2) years starting July 1, 2021:

Cultural Arts Chair – Elisabeth Schonfeld
Event Fundraising Co-Chair – Jody Klayman
House Chair – Richard Sweig
Marketing Chair – Natasha Hanan
Message Chair – Pam Rosman
Nursery School Chair – Shirley Goldman
Young Family Engagement Chair – Robyn Frank

The following Directors have one (1) year remaining on their terms and are not up for re-election at this time:

Annual Fund Chair – Joanna Segal
Board of Education Chair – Corrie Jacobs
Event Fundraising Co-Chair – Tara Bernzweig
Human Resources Chair – Don Fried-Tanzer
Israel Affairs Co-Chairs – Phyllis Stone & Renana Shvil
Legal Chair – Daniel Petigrow
Long Range Strategic Analysis Chair – Jodi Kravitz
Membership Chair – Caroline Lisker
Membership Data Management Chair – Larry Rose
Nominating Chair – Carol Siege
Security Chair – Sam Hest
Social Action Chair – Jill Ratner
Technology Chair – Scott Binger
Youth Engagement Chair – Andy Lupatkin

The following are Men’s Club and Sisterhood Presidents, who, together with Past Presidents, will serve on the Board for the term beginning July 1, 2021:

Men’s Club Co-Presidents –Scott Hirshson and Josh Winograd
Sisterhood Co-Presidents – Carol Haber-Cohen and Mindy Krueger

Please note: Bet Torah’s By-Laws (Article XIII, Section B) provide that independent nominations for any vacancy may be made provided that: (1) They are filed with the current Communications Secretary at least 12 days prior to the Annual Meeting, and (2) Such nominations are in writing, signed by at least 50 members in good standing, and contain the written consent of the nominee or nominees.