Dr. Sheila Adler Innovation Fund

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  • “I’ve been at many, many end of life bedsides and said shema with families. . But never have I been at the bedside of a person who taught the shema to so many people. Sheila Adler gave them the gift of their Jewish identity. And that gift is something that the Jewish people can never repay." - Rabbi Aaron Brusso, excerpt from eulogy

    We are excited to share that Bet Torah, together with the Adler family, has established The Dr. Sheila Adler Innovation Fund (Adler Fund).

    The Adler Fund acknowledges and honors Dr. Sheila Adler’s enormous impact on Jewish education universally, and especially to the Bet Torah community from her 36 years of service as our Religious School Education Director. The Adler Fund also reflects the creative and forward thinking ideas Sheila brought to the field of Jewish education and to Bet Torah specifically.

    The Adler Fund’s intended purpose is to spur innovation and continue to push education forward at Bet Torah. Annual earnings from the Fund, which will exist as an endowment, will be used to finance new and creative programs, special curricula and teacher training. The Adler Fund will support these programs outside of the Synagogue’s operating budget.

    The Dr. Sheila Adler Innovation Fund will be acknowledged every year at our Zimriya, end of year celebration. We will recount Sheila’s amazing contributions to Bet Torah and review the impact of the Fund. A retelling of Sheila’s personal and educational influence on many families at Bet Torah will be an ongoing part of this celebration.

    We invite you to contribute and help grow our Kulanu program. This Fund will continue to keep Sheila’s impact on Jewish education vibrant for many years at Bet Torah.