1. Annual Fund – to provide ongoing support of Bet Torah and fund program enhancements
  2. Barry Hershaft Memorial Fund – to maintain and refurbish the Hershaft Chapel
  3. Camp Ramah – to provide summer-camp scholarships
  4. Cantor Discretionary Fund – to assist educational and communal musical needs and programming
  5. Christopher B. Gordon Memorial Fund – to provide awards to Hebrew High School students/youth-group members participating in USY Summer Programs here and abroad
  6. Hildegard Schonfeld Cultural Arts Fund – to provide funding for cultural-arts events
  7. Jerome & Lillian Fruithandler Memorial Fund – to underwrite USY/youth-group programs including Encampment
  8. Joseph H. Busman Memorial Fund – to maintain and refurbish Bet Torah’s ritual objects
  9. Kaplan Community Music Fund – to enhance musical programming at Bet Torah
  10. Library Fund – to purchase new books for the Bet Torah Library
  11. Nursery School Fund – to assist program enhancements
  12. Prayer Book Fund – to purchase new siddurim and chumashim
  13. Religious School Fund – to assist program enhancements
  14. Rabbi Brusso Discretionary Fund – to assist individual, educational and communal needs
  15. Rabbi Sacks Discretionary Fund – to support a variety of community engagement and lifelong learning programs.
  16. Schleifer Family Learning Resource Fund – to support programming for children who need special assistance  to access their Jewish education.
  17. Simon Unger Fund – to be used for Holocaust studies and program