Sponsoring a Kiddush

We welcome anyone who wishes to participate in Sponsoring or participating in the Kiddush.  A Kiddush is a wonderful way to celebrate a simcha, such as a birth, baby naming, birthday, aufruf, anniversary, or graduation. You can also commemorate and remember the yahrtzeit of a loved one by sponsoring or participating in the Kiddush, on those occasions as well.

The names of those who have donated/sponsored a Kiddush are acknowledged from the bimah and in our weekly printed Shabbat announcements.

For more information on how you can participate in or sponsor a Kiddush, please contact our Executive Director, Seth Young at syoung@bettorah.org (914-666-7595).

Kiddush/Oneg for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Families

You are invited to have kiddush lunch at Bet Torah every Shabbat! The congregation has the opportunity to celebrate Shabbat together with the Bat/Bar Mitzvah family. It is the responsibility of every Bar/Bat Mitzvah family to sponsor the kiddush following the Shabbat morning service on the day of their simcha.

You may choose to sponsor a Standard Kiddush, which is Dairy or Pareve (contains no specific dairy or meat products) and contains the items listed below. In order to streamline the process for the family and to adhere to the laws of Kashrut, Bet Torah has entered into a contract with a supplier to provide a kiddush on a weekly basis. If you utilize this service, you must let Seth Young  know how many guests you will be expecting. Alternatively, you may choose to sponsor a more elaborate Kiddush, with a personally selected menu, using one of the approved caterers listed.

Standard Bet Torah Kiddush – Basic: includes the following:

  • Fruit Platters
  • Soda
  • Challah
  • Vegetable Platters
  • Juice
  • Paper Goods
  • Wine
  • Coffee and tea set-up
  • Bagels and cream cheese platters
  • Cookie Platters
  • Custodial Help

Standard Bet Torah Kiddush- Upgraded includes Basic Kiddush and the following:  tuna salad, white fish salad and egg salad

As of January 1, 2017, Standard Kiddush costs are as follows:

  • Standard Kiddush – Basic: $1,650 – including tables & chairs
  • Standard Kiddush – Upgraded: $1,975 – including tables & chairs

In the event of a shared Shabbat morning bar/bat mitzvah, the cost to each family is $1,475 for the Standard Kiddush- Basic and $1,575 for the Standard Kiddush-Upgraded.
If you choose a more elaborate Kiddush with a caterer of your choosing, a charge of $400 is added for tables and chairs.

For all Kiddush options, the family is responsible for tablecloths. Dishes are available for rent as well.

A “Facilities Fee” of $590 is assessed for all Minchah (Saturday afternoon), Rosh Chodesh and other “non Shabbat” bar/bat mitzvah services to cover expenses of reopening the synagogue.
A separate “room rental” charge will be assessed for evening celebrations. Separate fees also apply to dish rental. Contact  Seth Young as early as possible for details and/or to book the Social Hall for your celebration.

All fees are subject to annual increases. Please contact Seth Young regarding any financial or Kiddush -related questions.

In addition, please note the following: Bet Torah staff oversees the Kiddush, ensuring that the tables and room stay neat and clean and that the food is replenished so that your guests can enjoy themselves. Kiddush fees need to be paid at least one week in advance of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and cannot be billed or charged. Keep in mind that the number of your guests may exceed standard kiddush expectations.  Your guests may still sample the kiddush before leaving for your afternoon celebration.

**If you choose to cater a more elaborate Kiddush, please add 70 congregants to your total number of Kiddush guests.

Friday Night Dinners

A family opting to host a Friday night Shabbat dinner at the synagogue, a great way to celebrate your simcha, must make a request with the Executive Director approximately 3 months in advance.  The fee to rent the library for Friday nite dinner is $175.  Friday night dinners must be scheduled in coordination with Kabbalat Shabbat services, and the caterer must be approved by the Executive Director when scheduled.

Interested in Celebrating at Bet Torah?  Contact Us.