Paired Learning Program

Bet Torah Paired Learning Program

Work schedule preventing you from participating in Jewish learning? Car pool, kids’ sports practices, and hectic life in general keeping you from exploring the questions about Judaism you always wanted to ask? Curious about topics as diverse as secular Jewish culture, Jewish life cycle ceremonies, and what G-d, prophecy, and free will mean to us as Jews? If so, please consider taking part in Bet Torah’s Paired Learning program. Bet Torah Paired Learning, is a fun, exciting, and easy way for Bet Torah members to connect with one another or family members while learning a topic of your choice. It does not matter whether you work in the City or spend your daytime hours driving the kids all over Northern Westchester. Each study pair will select when and how it wants to meet (whether in person at Starbucks, at Bet Torah, on a hike, or via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout), each week’s materials will be available on line, and each study session will require little or no outside reading. If you were able to attend this past year’s evening Shavuot program you witnessed the success of last year’s Paired Learning program and the enthusiasm of the participants who taught that evening, and you can read about what Jerry Fensterstock had to say about his experience at

We will launch this year’s program in early February 2018. For more information please email [email protected].


New Recordings to Practice With!

Listen to Cantor Randy chant parts of our services! Whether you're preparing for a B'nei Mitzvah, chanting Torah, or need a refresher on service prayers, listen here!