USY's Tikun Olam Fund

"Kidnapping" the Megillah | 2017-2018

Traditionally Tikun Olam is any act of social justice or charitable giving. In USY, we define it as the concept of donating to tzedakah. USY has a Tikun Olam Fund from which we donate to various Jewish charities in the United States, Israel, and abroad.

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This year, our USY Board has voted to allocate the money we raise equally to three different important institutions:

  1. AFYA - Afya provides an environmentally-sensitive, community-oriented solution to help address the critical shortage of medical supplies around the world and at home while also acting as a first responder in disasters wherever they may occur.
  2. Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation - Works to memorialize Jewish victims of the Holocaust and commemorate pre-war Jewish-Polish life.
  3. Neve Hanna - Offers a safe house for children who have suffered physical, psychological, and/or sexual abuse and supports children with therapeutic programs, remedial teaching, and other rehabilitation services.  


"Kidnapping" The Megillah

Please bring cash on Purim evening. Older teens will "kidnap" the Megillah scroll, which will be held ransom to raise money for USY's Tikun Olam Fund.  

Bet Torah USY's 2017-2018 Allocations 

In 2017-2018, Bet Torah USYers raised $1,314  for the Tikun Olam Fund. Our USY leaders decided to allocate those funds in memory of Hannah Weiss (z"l). Hannah was an activist who worked to repair our broken world. She cared passionately about environmentalism, gender equality, and expanding access to affordable, healthy food. Therefore, our donations were allocated evenly between Jaffa Institute/Bet Ruth and Hurricane Maria Relief Fund.

Yehi zikhra barukh. May Hannah's memory serve as a blessing for us all.