Teen Leadership Council

As part of Bet Torah's commitment to a peer-led youth program, we are initiating a teen leadership council to create a vision of engagement at Bet Torah. The council will bring together representatives of teen programs at Bet Torah such as Nosh and Drash and Madrichim as well as youth co-chairs of major events.

Apply now to be a teen leader at Bet Torah!

Please email Loen Amer if you have questions or suggestions. 



You may apply for more than one position.

Chair of the Children’s Purim Carnival 

Our Purim Carnival for children is Sunday, March 12. 

While our carnival has always been a huge success, we need teens who have what it takes to re-think what a Purim carnival is, and how to make it more fun and enjoyable. If you are creative and dedicated this position is for you! Along with a few other teen volunteers you will be working to create a Purim Carnival 2.0 that will appeal to all ages. 

Chair of the Purim Carnival for Guests from the WJCS 

Following our Children’s Purim Carnival, is the WJCS Havurah Carnival for adults with special needs.

If you know how to brighten someone’s day, if you’re compassionate and creative this position is for you! The chair will recruit teens to volunteer at this meaningful program, and plan the games that we will play with our guests. 

Preference will be given to applicants who have attended the carnival in the past, but it is not a requirement.

Class Shabbat Dinner Chair

If you love your Bet Torah class and want to help get everyone together this is the perfect position for you! Our Youth Program will be organizing dinners for grades interested in having a reunion Shabbat dinner. The teens selected as dinner chairs will recruit for and plan the dinner and make it personal to their respective class. 

Liaison to BBYO

Open only to current members of BBYO in the classes of 2017-2020.

If you are actively involved in BBYO and would like to create a connection between BBYO and Bet Torah this position is for you! The liaison will create synergy between Bet Torah and our friends in local BBYO chapters to bridge the gap and maybe even get more people interested.  

Liaison to J-Teen Leadership 

Open only to teens currently serving on the J-Teen Leadership Circle. 

This position is for active teens within J-Teen who would like Bet Torah and J-Teen to continue to partner up for some more awesome social action. This teen will create synergy between Bet Torah and our friends at J-Teen Leadership. If we have partnership events, the liaison will help plan and execute the event. 

Applications for this position will be reviewed in consult with Aviva Perlman, J-Teen Leadership Program Director and Leadership Coach.


Positions are open only to teens who have been a part of the group for a year or more.

Madrichim Representative

Applications for this position will be reviewed in consult with the Madrichim Team: Gina Fass, Nili Ionescu, Robin Wald, and Abby Chargo.

Nosh and Drash Representative

Applications for this position will be reviewed in consult with Robin Wald, Lead Teen Educator.

Rosh Hodesh / Shevet Achim Representative

Applications for this position will be reviewed in consult with Rosh Hodesh and Shevet Achim group leaders.


Already filled positions include Board of Education Underclass Representatives, Board of Education Youth Representatives, Midnight Run Chairs, USY 8th Grade Representative, USY Communications VP, USY Israel Affairs VP, USY Membership/Kadima VP, USY President, USY Religion/Education VP, USY Social Action/Tikun Olam VP, and Youth Shabbat Chair.



New Recordings to Practice With!

Listen to Cantor Randy chant parts of our services! Whether you're preparing for a B'nei Mitzvah, chanting Torah, or need a refresher on service prayers, listen here!